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WOO WOO the weekend!!!! SO whats new???????

Oh well it may be the weekend but when you get up(wont say wake up) after rolling around in bed in pain nearly all night not knowing what to do with yourself and on top of that wound up over housing benefit people(see older post) drag yourself downstairs still in pain (well its not going to go away is it) more is the pity. cant even take my little dog at min but he is not worried quite happy curled up in a ball sleeping away(oh to be him right now) so make a cup of tea perhaps that will make me feel better(nope it didnt) so what now sit and watch well look at tv screen with load rubbish on shopping channels telling me to buy a steam cleaner or other such things. So looks like another day of putting on my mask(perhaps i should buy some fancy ones, one for every day of the week)??? and taking the dog only 5 min up the road at some point and prob sit with my kindle again, which i dont mind. It is nice if you can get into reading as you transport youself into someone elses life trouble is cant stay ther. Well it is now getting light so think i will have another cup of tea and see what happens after that i hope hat you all have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing and not much pain and i apologise if this post seems really depressing the last thing i want is to bring anyone down i am ok just letting it out lots of love and soft hugs to you all Diddle xxxxx

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Good Morning. I slept ok but woke up before it was daylight. Did my hand exercises - opening and closing them cos my fingers are almost locked up - sat up on the edge of the bed with a struggle and then geared myself up to stand up. Waddled to the bathroom doing the penguin walk we all know and then drop onto the loo llike a lead weight and think, hurry up, it's hurting sitting here and then wondering how the hell to get up again lol. I really could do with a higher seat.

I'm off to Peterbrough today, can't walk round the shops like I used to but I'll give it a go. Might manage one.

Have a good day/weekend from me too.

Sue xx


Morning Diddle,

I think we all feel like this when we wake up. I find it's the worse time of day because I always home I might magically wake up a new person :)


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