light sensitvity

I went to the doctors the other day to pick up a prescription and my GP went mental on me for not wearing sunblock, I did go to the surgery after getting birthday cards for my mother but by the time I got there my face felt as though it had acid being poured over it and it had come up in a purple tinged rash across my cheeks and nose. My GP had a go at me as I was supposedly should have been wearing complete sunblock and he has urgently referred me to Rhuematology any ideas why

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  • this is an awkward on to answer hun as I don`t want to scare you but it sounds similar to wht they call the butterfly rash and if he is refering you urgently then like me he is thinking lupus.Dont do a me and get all stressed out till you know.easier said than done I know and I will be thinking of you please let me kno what is said.many many hugs love Butterfly 54

  • hi kavqc, that sounds awful. personally i havent had any of those symptoms. i cant help u but i hope u get this sorted and in the meantime i wish u all the best x

  • p.s I`ve 4 false positive for this

  • Thanks all the only laughable thing about this is the wearing of sunblock in our weather lol but if it stops the rash and the scid feeling on my face I suppose I will have to grin and wear it lol will let you know what happens when it happens thank you all

  • Photosensitivity is a symptom of Lupus as the others have said.

    Butterfly54 - how did you get a false positive for Lupus?

  • I am waiting for an urgent appointment for the rhuematologist but I have been told to wait months for appointment even though the GP has asked for it to be urgent dont know what else to do I have factor 50 sun cream that I slap on before go out but it not doing my skon any good it has turned really greasy and I have started taking vitamin d supplements

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