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The Symptoms go on!

I have been aware of my pain and symptoms for 5 years now but I haven't been diagnosed with Fibro yet! It amazes me as time goes by the new symptoms I get.

For a while now, on and off, I have been aware of a pain that goes through my big toe right under the top of the nail. It is like someone has stabbed me with a needle! It has always been the toe but yesterday as I got into bed I had the same happen in my left buttock! I googled it and was amazed to discover Fibro came up and all the people that get it too.

I am fed up of falling over. The usual is falling down the stairs or tripping up or slipping over and then my back and neck muscles are so tensed up a few days later and i'm in agony :( Fell over twice this week and was so looking forward to my massage that was cancelled due to issues with the therapist! :(

What is the best way to get diagnosed as I seem to get nowhere with my GP. Should I ask for pain killers? What would you recommend


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Hi, I was diagnosed 20 plus years ago by my then gp... He gave me leaflets pain killers and left me to get on with it... Result I carried on working and living life and promptly crashed and burned at 32 .. Since then treatment has got a lot better . If you can't find a gp who sympathises you could ask to be reffered to a rheumatologist.. I take an anti depressant at night along with a low dose muscle relaxant to help me sleep and also cos my neck and shoulder muscles are always knotted... I have trigger point injections in them every 3 months too. This was all sorted by my gp ...

If you think your gp is never going to come round to your way of thinking is there another one ou can try?

Good luck VG x


i had to see gp who gave me provision yes i have fibro but im seeing rhumatologist at hosp to get final dianosis, have been refer to 2 pain clinics already they did not help me,

falling up stair is how i roll!!!! lol

im new but gp is always ur first port of call,xxx there arer on internet pain charts or symtom charts if u have like 11/18 or so the u prob have fibro, hope u havent and its something else, as this is a horrid thing to be burdened with xxx



I got diagnosed last week by a rheumatologist who offered me tablets and a leaflet on fibro and then discharged me.

My Gp was useless. I've been going back and forwards to him for years with different symptoms and had referrals to differing specialsits who basically started saying it was in my head. Had to fight to see the rheumatologist as he wouldn't send me.

At least I know what's going on now and can do my own research.

Good luck and blessed love xxx


im the same keep going back to se emy GP but he refuses to budge,like he is not listening to me and despite size of my stoamch/abdomen he says itis not a cyst based purely on clear scans which sa couple of people have said on

their blogs that their scans were clear but they DID have huge cysts weighing 17 lbs or more.i have a referral to see a rheumatologist btu the reason he put wa s fro joint surgery (not telling me this)when that is not a major problem btu ihave dercums disease

good luck


I kept going back to my GP for all my ailment and eventually asked to see a consultant.

He sent me to a rheumatologist who promptly told me to lie down with my legs straight and my feet pointing upwards. I had to lift my legs which, because I had severe hip pain was almost impossible.

I need to excercise was his cryptic remark.

He doesn't believe in Fibromyalgia and said that I have multiple joint problems which could be cured through physio.

I went for weeks for physio and It wasn't until I burst into tears and explained about all my symptoms that he agreed that I have fibro.

Nothing can be done but at least I know that I can manage my symptoms with my meds and am not a mystery!

We are all in the same boat having to struggle with ignorant professionals who have only their opinion and won't listen to us.

Big hugs to you and don't let them get you down....xxxxx


Hi there i have had fibromyalgia sinec being 12 years old and it has taken 40 years for them to commit to saying yes you have Fibromyalgia and it was through a pain clinicdoctor i was sent to.I think all medic doctors should have a dose of fibro for a couple of years ,then lets see if they understand fibro .The doctor from the pain clinic was shocked that having all 18 points of pain that they couldnt tell just by touching me as im hypersensitive to pain .

I know how frustrating it is ,but you know you have it and hang on to that and see if you can get a place on a pain clinic .x


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