Liver function all over the place please help

Hi I've been having liver function blood tests for over a year now my doctors thought it was meds but been off them for 4 mths now had bloods done the other day and liver enzymes have gone up again mainly alt this time at 489 having repeat ama and sma tomorrow I've already had them and they were neg so dnt understand why I'm having them done again I've also had scan and it was clear I'm seeing liver specialist on the 27 of the month I'm so scared and worried and most of all I'm fed up now

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  • Hi Marie1980x it is quite often caused by medication, that's why that would be checked 1st. Mainly by anti-inflamatories or drugs used in epilepsy. Don't worry to much my friend because it can just be inflammation or infection, so don't think the worse please, although I can understand your concern. Autoimmune deseases some times show up in as elevated results or diabetics aswell I think. The main thing is, your scan was clear so try to stay focussed on that as being positive. They do tend to keep checking them too, this is quite normal.

    Do come back and let us know how you get on with the specialist and good luck.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan xx

  • That's why i came off all meds thinking it was that but had a shock last week when they said the alt has gone up again I'm just so fed up plus i could possibly have fibromyalgia seeing rheumatoid special i June xx thank you for your reply xx

  • Yes i can understand that, at least your gp is on the ball & got you refered to Rheumy & not to long to wait for an appointment. Have you had the symptoms for a long time ?

    Fibromyalgia does take quite a long time to diagnose, there is usually lots of blood tests because they have to eliminate other conditions that mimic Fibro symptoms first, RA, Lupus, Limes Disease etc. Arthritis.

    I do hope its ok for you and try not to worry to much, although I know that's easier to say.

    Luv Jan xx

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  • I've had all bloods done over the past year strange I've no rheumatoid Factor so she pretty much ruled it out but because of liver functions high my doctor kinda forgot what i first went there for in the first place and that was the all over body pain so referred me last week to rheumatoid specialist the appointment came through for June it's a nightmare and people just dnt understand x

  • Yes that sounds like a normal story, sorry to say. I wish I could put your mind at rest & say if it was Fibro or not but it's absolutely impossible because Fibro symptoms mimic so many other things. Some people go years without knowing. I do hope its not fibro but if it is, don't be surprised if you are given a leaflet & refered back to your GP because this is quite normal in a lot of cases but like I said before, it could be inflammation which could suggest arthritis, it's very difficult to say, we are not doctors and can only tell you of our own experiences & what we know.

    It's good to keep a diary of your symptoms on a daily basis, how you feel, what pain you have & where. It is a very good idea to take someone with you for support as we all get nervous in these situations & forget things, so write everything down because this will help them to conclude why you are having all this pain.

    If you want to know anything, just ask because there is nearly always someone that can answer you & don't worry

    Luv Jan xx

  • I've had high readings on my LFTs before. Luckily I cut some tablets out with the assistance of my doc e.g. I only took painkillers and antihistamines and some other things when I really needed them and couldn't function without them. I also stopped drinking alcohol ( I hardly drank two glasses of wine every 6 months) I also increased the amount of fibre and fruit and veg in my diet significantly and ate more healthily in general.....the numbers are much better now

    I could say try not to worry at the moment. It might be that you've got a condition that is fixable. You'll be able to speak to the specialist and discuss any potential diagnosis with them. Sometimes when they restless LFTs they just normalise themselves. Just remember to look after yourself

  • Thank you for reply it's just relentless i came off all meds and i dnt drink and still going up just want to feel normal and get to the bottom of it now just so worried x

  • Perhaps the main problem is that you're worrying? It may be good to do a few relaxation videos or a bit of meditation. Worrying doesn't change things?

  • I didn't mean my entry to sound a bit blunt.....sorry! What I was meaning to say was doing some relaxation will help to take the worry and anxiety out of the situation. Being distressed can often feel worse than the situation with your health

  • I know what your saying and it's true i have health anxiety depression which in it's self causes a lot of pressure on my body as i live in a hihgten state of anxiety worrying dnt help but i cant help it xxx

  • I hope they fix the problem soon!

  • Marie if it's any consolation my lft's have been raised for 10 years and despite all the tests including a biopsy no cause has ever been found.

    I'm on antiinflammatories for colitis so stopped them and my levels increased, so wasn't that, I don't worry about my levels anymore.

    Try not to stress to much.

  • I have autoimmune hepatitis which flares up from time to time. Please try not to worry as your scan was clear, it could also be non alchoholic fatty liver like mine.

    When I met a rheumatologist for the first time he was very sceptical when I told him I didn't drink, even more so when I said I was not in denial either!

    If you have no evidence of jaundice, are not off your food or have no widespread itching then it just may be one of those things.


  • Good morning huni i have any fat which surprised my doctor my liver was clear i not itchy note am i yellow as my billrubin is only 25 and alp is 265 normal range is 130 i think its just alt which is 489 the only problem i have is i feel I'm not digesting​ my food properly but i have ids also xx

  • Hi huni I've had a really bad time the last few day seen doctor today as I have a rash that looks like spider webbs she said it liver damage she spoke to liver specialist to see if she should admit me but he said I have double appointment Monday morning for another. Scan as they suspect autoimmune disease he ordered loads of bloods to be done should get most results back tomorrow do you get joint pain because liver doctor suspects it's because of my liver I'm so worried I've Don nothing but cry today as I have a very mild case of jaundice but it's not in my urine xx

  • Hi Marie, as I said before, I have autoimmune hepatitis, it is not the end of the world and mine was helped by taking azathioprine.

    Your specialist may want a liver biopsy just to make sure of the diagnosis.

    When I had my ultrasound it showed up as loads of silver white flecks and lines which I was told was the inflammation scars.

    I do have joint and connective tissue pain but that is because I have lupus too. That does not necessarily mean you have that but I expect your bloods are being tested for all things autoimmune.

    Please try not to worry, these things can be treated and controlled even if not cured. My diagnosis was 15 years ago and I am still here!!

    You are welcome to PM me if you feel you need more support.



  • Hi Marie1980x

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of the stress that all of this is causing you. I can imagine that having them done again could be a back up reading to check that everything is normal? Some medications can take time to leave your body so this could have been the issue? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with the liver specialist and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken it's been a rollercoaster of a year i just want to to find out now but also very worried i read this he on the internet and they scare the life out of me x

  • Good luck my friend x

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