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anxiety and help also family understanding

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hi I am sorry I have not added this on but I just wanted to write about how I am feeling. I know that fibromyalgia is not fatal and I hope it doesn't get worse, but I am still struggling with anxiety as I have mentioned before. I want to get my life back on track and I feel my anxiety is taking over my life, I am sensitive to anxiety medicine and it's not that I don't want anything to help me I do but I think I am going to try other ways to deal with it, I may ask for counseling or something and I had anxiety and dizziness and dry heaving with it yesterday and I have had enough. I am going to talk to someone but don't know who. I talk to family but I feel they're not sympathetic to me much anymore because it's gone on so long. any tips or advice is appreciated x sorry for the rant x ❤️

16 Replies
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Ask doctor to refer you to psychological services or psychiatrist specially if its a disorder as thats 24 /7 or

senior Ot for 1 to 1

or any wellbeing teams In surgery

Or mental health teams

1 or 2 of those imputes would help

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Hi there, the best person imo would be to talk with your GP. Or go on line and see if they have CBT self referral where you live. I have used IAPT on a few occasions and found them very helpful.

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I saw my GP last week, he referred me to our local IAPT service, I had a telephone assessment on Monday and hope to begin CBT in approx. 12 weeks. It may be longer but at least I know that I am on the waiting list.

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fibrogirl41 in reply to Rachmaninov2

hi thanks for that, but I have had a few sessions with the same service only a few but I feel like I need more sessions. I hope I can get them x

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Rachmaninov2 in reply to fibrogirl41

As there is usually quite a waiting list it may be best to get in touch with them as soon as you can. Good luck.🙂

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as well as asking the GP for a CBT referral have you tried meditation or a mindful exercise such as tai chi, yoga or Pilates?

There are various apps and YouTube videos that can help guide you. Netflix has some Headspace introductory guides to meditation that are quite good to start off.

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Hiya fibrogirl,

I suffer from high anxiety it can be quite upsetting. My anxiety can ramp up very quickly over stressful things like benefit calls n appointments. I feel I have no control on the situation n anxiety kicks in hard. I cannot bring myself back down n literally shake. I have found only one thing helps n that is vaping CBD. I have tried various CBD methods but personally vaping works the fastest. I also think when I vape, breathing in the CBD helps calm me. As soon as I feel my anxiety ramping up I reach for my vape. U would be surprised how many fibro sufferers get high anxiety. Hope I’ve helped, gentle hugs 😊🤗

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If there is a delay with the NHS gp getting a referral

better help is a subscription service, many paid youtubers who sail mention they offer discount links. BH do distance talk therapy. may wish to research more.

samaritans also can call, email and write a letter to talk about most things privately.

gentle virtual hugs

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hi fibro girl so feel for you my love there are natural remedies which you can try, I have found 5HTP very helpful, you have to give it a couple of weeks to notice a difference,,shop around as prices vary, rescue remedy I always have to hand this has helped me on many occasions when I’ve felt very anxious, of course you must talk to your doctor, good luck with trying to get counselling definitely think it will help, but I know how long the waiting lists are , good luck hun chin up , think positive thoughts and know you are stronger than you think , gentle hugs 🥰

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fibrogirl41 in reply to Colourpink66

hi thanks for your kind message. x I am talking to the doctor soon and I will ask. I hope I get some help and get back to work and doing things. x ☺️

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Firstly, on this site we don’t need to apologise for expressing our frustration with this horrible illness.

Support, understanding and being listened to is a given. This is especially important since it’s surprising how often family and friends are unable or unwilling to offer it in the long run.

It may not be fatal but it certain affects quality of life.

There is a good deal of good advice on here, so worth having a browse through, although I would recommend doing that in small doses.

The idea is to benefit yourself and others, not to allow fibromyalgia to dominate your mind more than it already does.

Anxiety is a useful and natural part of our make up, since it acts as a warning sign that something is off in our world or body.

When it becomes chronic it can be debilitating.

If you look on the NHS website, then IAPT for your local service, you can ask for an assessment and they will offer the one most appropriate. These local teams can be contacted direct without going to GP, they offer counselling, CBT and other therapies including for chronic pain.

Good luck.

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YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer

Hi there, I am glad to read the lovely replies from members offering good advice, no need to feel sorry for the rant I’d think it’s so much better too share and with people here that understand . Differently keep at the doc to move you forward with some help . Sending hugs xx

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It's not sympathy you need - it's help with the things that are painful to do. Family need to be aware that fibromyalgia is not something that can be cured, so you will need their support and understanding - for as long as you remain in the family, and they can translate that however they like.

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If you go onto NHS Direct and search , "Self Help Therapies " , it will take you directly to the page that gives you lots of advice on therapies to try via the NHS and through approved online groups from charities like Mind which you can get involved with straight away.There are also links on the page to to other pages for Talking Therapies and CBT courses with recommended links to groups that they have checked.

Some groups can be done online and you can self refer , some are free but have a waiting list , some are subsidised.

See or speak to your GP and ask for them to refer you for another CBT course in your area and ask if there are any that you can contact yourself and self refer on to , as this is often quicker than going through the GP process.

You can also write Self Referral CBT or talking therapy and your area into Google and will find a link to the right information there.

YouTube can be hit and miss , but the NHS site does have various little films too.

If you haven't joined one already , join a few Mental Health groups on HU and post the same question as they will probably have a lot of resources to tell you about . Plus , you can post when you are having an episode and they will be able to help talk you through things from their experience.

Look up local groups for Mind and other Mental Health support groups in your area. You should be able to join either online or face to face meetings where you can get the best sort of talking therapy with people whom understand what you are going through and whom will be able to tell you about other local support. Most importantly, you could end up with new friends close by whom you can get better together with.

Finally try keeping a journal. When things are too much write down what you are feeling in it , the process will make you feel better as well as distracting you and reducing the physical symptoms.

Doodle in it , create in it , but also write down your hopes in it and write about when you feel good or did something you feel proud of and nark those pages so you can turn to them easily when you feel anxious or depressed and remember the good things reminding you that the good things can happen again .

Keep talking to your family and friends too. They won't feel like you should be passed this , their more likely to feel sorry that it's been going on for a while like you do. They will much prefer to give you support even if you think you keep saying the same things rather than get worried that you have stopped talking but clearly still feel bad. If you can , try and do a little thing with someone, or have a short chat on the phone with a friend about other things you both like every day or so . It will help break the pattern of feeling negative and help give you hope that the little good moments can become bigger ones.

Hope you find something that you find helpful soon. Take care , Bee

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Hi. This may not help you but sometimes helps me. I try to focus and accept that my life won’t get back to the way it was but try to think about any positives and things I can do that I enjoy even if I have to adapt the way I used to do them. Don’t expect too much from yourself and family. They don’t understand and probably don’t know how to support you. I also did a pain management course recently and that did help and I find breathing exercises really helpful. It’s not the solution and all the other advice on here is really helpful. Know you are not alone and we understand what you are doing through.

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With regard to your dizziness speak to your GP, it could be due to the Fibromyalgia but don't ignore it! I have lots of dizziness but after nearly falling over whilst out and during the same week nearly falling into the on coming traffic I thought this was a bit of a wake up call and I needed to take action.

Fortunately I have a pretty good GP practice (have been to some horrendous ones in the past) and they are investigating matters further, I am now having bloods taken and have to take my BP for a week, saves me going to the surgery daily. Hopefully I will find out.

I have attended counselling in the past and it's really helpful. If one form doesn't suit you try another as their are many types of counselling available. Good luck

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