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Day 1 of New Start

I went to sleep about 1am and woke up again at 4am, didn't get back to sleep. So I guess the duloxetine isn't gonna help me sleep. Side effect: Nausea, continuing and I'm struggling to eat my breakfast. But I am awake and ready to go to uni, so not all is bad. Hopefully the sick feeling will pass.

Symptoms today: My shoulders, neck and back are killing me. My jaw feels like I can't even open it to speak. Fatigue to mild even though I've barely slept. IBS feels fine atm, which such a nice feeling, one less to worry about. I have also had a fluttery feeling in my heart all night, I usually get palpitations and a cardiologist said it wasn't anything serious, but it was a horrible feeling over night.

I shall update you this evening probably on how I am feeling. This forum really helps me talk things through without having to moan and whinge at my boyfriend all the time. Thank you for listening :)

Hugs x x

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Bless that post could me lol i know how you feel i 46 and weekend had pain in my heart i was terrified thought i was having heart attack then read it all part of this awful fibro. oh well hope you have good day at uni and yeah my partner sometimes wonder what he has done bless him i keep alot to myself so that makes me moody then he thinks he done something poor bloke, bet he is glad we dont live together he can run away home every night, mind you with me tossing and turning we would both end up with no sllep you take care and love to you and soft hugs XX diddle


Hi Diddle,

I live with my boyfriend and I constantly toss and turn, thankfully he sleeps fairly well, but I make the bed hell as I get really really hot. I was sweating so much that I made the pillows and duvet wet.

Soft hugs to you too :)


Give it time. You can't really tell how a medication is going to work or not work for you until you've been on it at least a month. And even then, doing things differently with doses and their timing, or adding in additional meds, can make all the difference in how much a med helps.

See how you go this week, but if you're struggling a bit with side effects affecting sleep, then you may want to talk to your doctor abuot adding in something else, even if only temporarily. I know a few top Fibro docs do this with Clonazepam for example - a small dose at bedtime only can mean other drugs can work better with less problematic side effects.

I personally had to do this when starting a new med a few years back and it made a huge difference. Otherwise, one of the initial side effects (that wore off) was that I couldn't sleep! Which isn't helpful at all.


I know I have to wait for my body to get used it, I've never been great with taking tablets everyday but I know I need to now, and I'm gonna try a lot harder than I did when I was younger.


Take my Duloxetine in the morning and Ametriptylene a couple of hours before bed. Take co-codamol 3 - 4 times per day and have not had any side effects whatsoever except for constipation due to the co-codamol.


How come you take duloxetine in the morning? Do you find that more helpful?


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