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Please Give Me A Break Fibro!!!!!

Well another day follows another night of probaly an hour sleep , please just give me a couple of days break, i was out of bed to go to loo 3x last night and then tossing/turning/twisting moving pillows and other things to ty and get comfortable i saw 1am ,2. 3,30 and from 4 am i decided to just put the tv on and then got up at 5 and walked my dog at 5.30 (only 5 mins up the road) even my dog wants a lay in. well plan for today is ring the G.P and see if i can get in to see my brilliant Doctor, i know she cant do anything for me but she is so good and listening and very sympathetic so jus to pour it all out will be good. I did actually break down last night my wonderful mum and dad called me and asked how are you and for some bizarre reason i actually said NOT GOOD and havent been for quite a few weeks, it did upset them that i had not told them how bad i have been but like i said you dont want to hear me keep saying not good today why bring everyone down and worry them its easier to keep it all inside, i have got a lovely sister too but it takes alot for me to confide my illness to anyone, even my best friends. for some reason i try to keep it seperate and dont talk about it that way it seems like its someone else not ME. Oh well i hope you all are feeling ok today and are going to have a good day. You all take care and sorry its early and i am moaning just had to get it out. love and soft hugs Diddle xxxx

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Hi christineEls , just to say thank you for sharing , reading your comment just made me feel better . thanks


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