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Stomach and chest pain following food

Hi all

Just wondering if any of you have any advice. I have been recently diagnosed with osophogous(sorry spelling) and stomach spasms and I am in a constant battle with it. I have been prescribed buscopan, lanprazole and co-codamol to take but even that is not providing lasting relief. I have taken a drastic look at my diet and at the moment the only food I can eat without a reaction is cereal. Just wondering if any of you gorgeous people out there have any ideas or suggestions for relief or medication?

many thanks

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just read your post and I have the same problem, and also acid reflux, where the acid comes up from your stomach and into the eosophagus. It is very painful. The pills that you were prescribed are Buscopan, that's for spasms in your stomach & gut, Lansoprazole is a PPI (proton-pump-inhibitor) for suppressing the acid in your stomach, and Co-Codamol, thats Codeine & Paracetamol, for pain relief.

I found when I was bad that it took about a wk for my stomach to settle. You should really eat a light diet until it settles down. That is no fried or fatty food, no fizzy drinks, or alcohol, and to eat little and often. Hope this helps.:-)


Hi I had a lot of pain in and around my stomach,went to the doc and she said could be something that's not agreeing with me! One day the pain got so bad I had to send for the doc who immediately sent me to hospital. Once there after a lot of flafin around they discovered it was my gallbladder. It was then removed and I've not had any trouble since,but I do find I can't eat a lot of high fat foods! Just try and change your diet,eat plenty fruit n veg and little and often portions! X


Hi Lucy I was diagnosed with Barratts Osophegus three years ago, and have had umpteen endoscopies, Barratts osophegus is a pre-malignant condition, I had the reflux night and day for years, now I have endoscopy every 2 yrs to keep an eye on it unless it gets worse again, like you say it can be very painful, I take Omeprazol twice a day for it, I eat only vegatables and white meat or boiled fish, salad, and have porridge for breakfast the sachets, Oat so simple they are easy and quick, other cereals come back on me, like gerryjay says you musnt have fried foods, no alcohol, because of fibro my throat muscle goes into spasm so have to have a few swallows of fizzy to make me burp and stop the muscle from the spasm, Doctors orders, but it does upset my also on gabapentin and tramadol and sertralin, and cocodamol as a back up if neccessary...hope you manage to sort this out and have been of help, gentle hugs to you ,,,,Dee xx


Hello, I also suffer with Reflux Oesophagitis which is Acid reflux as well as terrible pain! I have had this condition for 25yrs now which I believe was brought on by medication for a something I suffered with in my past. I take Lansaprazole and sometimes Buscopan but lately it has come back and I've just gone a diet of Oat so simple Porridge and fruit its all I can tolerate, I had been drinking fizzy drinks and couldn't understand why the pain was worse so I've stopped them too. I had my Gall Bladder out and I find I cannot eat Fatty food either, so I am now very careful with my diet. My GP prescribed Advance Gaviscon Tablets I find that these do settle my pain in my stomach and just suck two when I need too more than Paracetamol or Codeine which doesn't touch the pain! I hope I've been of some help. Hugs, love Aisha x


I cannot comment much as I don't know the cause of your problem but I was prescribed Omperazole for my acid reflux that seems to work although you should not be on them for too long I have been on the some 4 years or more so they do not work as well now as they did but in the start they were a great help. My acid reflux is caused through my medication so as I'm not aware what you are on I cannot comment if it could be this, but also fatty fried greasy food I think fizzy and also caffeine if memory serves right also cause this sort of pain but the drinks you would need to check as it was a long time ago when I was told


I too suffer from the most terrible stomach pains and after my 3rd gastroscopy I was diagnosisd with gastritis and Gall Stones.

I am waiting to have the gallbladder out.

The pain is so incredible that once I even went to A&E as I thought it was a heart attack,

It even makes me vomit and that is how the pain eventually stops.

So,if fibromyalgia isn't enough, we have stomach problems too. Oh I also suffer from Ulcerative Colitis/Crohns Disease.....

Hugs to,everyone on here....


Me too, every morning is spent doubled over in pain, off and on, for anything from 1-4hrs. However, I have found that eating a good portion of nuts just before or after food helps. Defo no spicy stuff but most others I can tolerate this way....

Gary x


Having had test after test for this is seems I have something they call silent reflux. Tried all the meds and nothing works.

Given up bread and no chest pains or had stomach with pains. Thinking cieliac myself


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