Hi all, woke up this morning feeling stiff as a board and in huge amounts of pain so my plans for my day off have been scupperd. Was sitting here feeling sorry for my self when the post came and in in was a letter saying I've been granted my Bluebadge!! Yeah! I got my diability tax credits awarded last month so now only my DLA to go. Ok, so Im not holding my breathe on that one but hey,as the song goes, 2 out of 3 aint bad. Going to have another cuppa and see if I can salvadge a little of what I had planned and try to stay positive. Its amazing how a small success can lift you up. Wishing you all a little success :) xx

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  • Well congratulations! :) That's good news. Good luck with the DLA now.


  • Hi twiglet, congratulations on your blue badge, good luck with your DLA.

    Could you tell me what disability tax credits are please.

    kel xxx

  • Hi jazher, if you work 16 hours a week and have had to have a considerable amout of time off, resulting in you being on SSP or are already getting DLA. you can apply for the disability element with your tax credits. All I had to do was send in copies of a couple of pay slips as proof of SSP. The easiest way to go about it is to ring the taxcredits help line and tell them you want to apply, they wiil do it for you and write to you for whatever proof they need. Hope you can get it. x

  • Thankyou for replying twiglet.

    i wont get it as i gave up work 2 years ago and my partner is just supporting me so wont be able to get any benefits along them lines.

    I have tried dla when i just had fibro and got turned down, but now i have fibro, cfs/me and hypermobility so i am gonna try again.

    kel xxx

  • Good luck with it, its always worth persevering. The worst they can do is say no...and then you try again. xx

  • Well done!! Always nice to hear good news. Hope it will be good news with the DLA too.

  • Well done. A little bit of something good can make a huge difference and give you the lift you need to make the effort you didn't think you could make.

    P s. I have applied twice for a blue badge, prompted by a lady at DSS but been refused both times, so you are lucky, well done.

  • Well done good news , how do you apply for blue badge i am on income support topped up with sickness as i am off sick and cant work at the min do you just go to local dss and apply for it? do you need your doctor to sign anything? sorry all these questions. well pleased for you any way we all need to battle on and get these things, love and soft hugs diddle

  • Hi Diddle you can apply on line. Go to and put blue badge in the search bar. It will give you a list of things to do with it including a link to apply. Good luck and gentle hugs. x

  • WOO woo well done to you love Diddle x a good day for you today xxxx

  • Hi jus to let you know i posted my application off on 12 march and today 17 i got my blue badge i cannot believe i would have jumped up and down and run round the house if i could have lol it will make such a difference to park near things half the time i dont go as i dont know if i can park near to where i want to be then walk somewhere and have to walk back too so happy happy happy just hope others apply now with our good news love to you diddle x

  • Ah thats fantastic Diddle, soooo pleased for you. I know it makes a big difference to me just knowing that I can have a wakl round the shop and then not have to drag 1/2 a mile back to the car. xxx

  • great new , i dont get DLA have been trying to get it for 15 months but have heard that i can get a blue badge but don't know how to apply for it .

  • Hi there,

    If you go the goverment site it will direct you as to how to apply in your area as its your county council that awards it so slightly different for different areas. Hope that helps :)

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