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how long to pay ??

oh so i sleep and nap and look after myself all the time but sometimes you need to go out and party so my sister birthday eat and laugh and a drink ..... then dance walking before FMS i would party till 3 am not i slink into a corner smile and watch and still pay .. my legs hurt my body .. walking home hurts bed pain no propper sleep exaustion tooks over ... but my question is how long do i pay today tomorrow the next week ... how many spoons have i used ??

I was happy my family was happy self pitty has so home but the pain refuses to move out ...

sorry i know some of you will think its my own fault to pretend your normal but ... dont we all diserve fun

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Not at all, some times you just have to say the hell to it, just for today/tonight I am going to bloody well enjoy myself. After all the pains always there so once in a while at least you know why!


good points ladys ... thanks


I too think while you can still do it DO IT.

I had a time of 3 months where i couldnt walk anywhere or do literally anything and i swore if i got better i would do more socializing and enjoying myself.

I got better but not like before and i have just been to olly murs concert on friday and loved every minute of it. It was hard work and i am still recovering now but the housework can wait.

kel xxx


good for you Kel, glad you enjoyed it. I didnt know he was doing concerts till you said, i think he is good.. xx


It is important to have good times and have something to look forward to. Enjoy yourself while you can we are a long time dead girls and boys. I am hoping to have a good time with a friend next week who has a worse problem than me, so although it means long drive and a stay overnight in my camper I will go and smile and take her a big bunch of flowers and hand made card (they give me so much pleasure to make and give). Even if I suffer that night then at least I have memories! take care all, soft hugs. xxx


have a great time with your friend x your very right . hugs


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