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I hope yours was as good as mine!

Major task involved in leaving my home, hence it's been quite a while. Xmas Eve, my 1st and 2nd dose of prednisolone + oxygen tanks, arrival of daughter no. 1. Xmas a.m. arrange transport + 3rd dose prednisolone My GP agreed, a sensible idea to take them, based on she knows I can be trusted not to go mad on them. Benefits: Less stiff, less pain, lifts mood & helps fatigue. Cons. after a few days, the body does not want to stop. Problem is, it drives the appetite. You cant stop eating! Not good in the long term. Xmas Day was the best I can remember, def. worthwhile. 2 Happy grandchildren, 2 happy daughters & son-in-law, who cooked a delicious meal. I managed to last 'til 5pm (ish), home to my bed. Stopped prednisolone, the price being the pain returns of course, + I've pretty much slept since I got home. My daughter went home yesterday. I do remember waking from time to time, she smiled at me "You ok Mum?" Daughter no. 2 said youngest grandson (aged 2) is calling for "Nana" in his sleep!

There always seems to be a price to pay. For me, it was well worth it. Small family, but one without stress or bad feelings. I know there are relatives out there, some live quite close, my point is quality over quantity every time. You can choose your family, or at least those you want to share happy times with.

Tulip :) xx

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Congrats at being able to get a good balance that worked :) I hope you are not suffering too much after it all. I had my family up and you are right, it doesn't matter how large or small the gathering so long as they appreciate you as you are and are willing to help. I managed to surround myself at Christmas with my closest family who were willing to help and I managed not to get myself into a flap :) Quality time spent with family or friends is to be treasured :)


Absolutely. Treasured memories are what gets us through when everything else seems too tough. Congrats, Happy, + as healthy as possible 2015. Tulip xx :)


You too :) 2015 could be a good year, I certainly hope it is for you and your family :)


Hi tulips123

That sounds like a hectic but wonderful Christmas time! Mine was pretty similar, although I moved to my new bungalow a few weeks ago. My daughter came around several times with my two small grandchildren and I was honoured to have a visit from my son who is very busy and away most of the time. So I really enjoyed myself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



not really hectic as such. I'm glad you had family visits, loneliness at Xmas is the very worst in my experience. I cant remember who said it, but a member wrote about feeling lonely and isolated whilst being in a crowd, sadly all too true. This Xmas is the 1st since hubby died in 2010 I have felt able to really relax and enjoy the company of loved ones. Precious indeed!

I wish you well Ken, and all the best for 2015! Tulip xx :)


Hi Tulips :)

I am so pleased that you went and enjoyed your time with them :)

I was shattered by 5pm too, hubby went down the road and left me to have some peace and quiet :)

Healing fluffies for you and Happy New Year :)

{{{{{{{ Tulips }}}}}}}

xxx sian :)


Your hubby is def. 'a keeper'! :) Happy 2015. xx


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