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My application for the disablement benefit


Sick note. I need a sick note so i can get the disabled part of uc. My doctor says he will not give me a sick note as i have been on benefit for a while. He said that as they already know my disability hes not giving me one. I got touch with the local councillor he said he has looked into it and even though i i need one he cant make my doctor give me one. What can i do

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I'm not sure what you can do, but a suggestion is that you ask for a private prescription, you will have to pay for it. Sorry I can't be of more help as I'm retired and no longer know the ins and outs of the benefit system. Hope you get this sorted soon. x

Hi, I would suggest you contact UC, explain about your doctor, and ask them to get in-touch, with your doctor, what a horrible doctor . Good luck.

Andrema in reply to Blue52

I asked the uc they said they wont ask the doctor

Blue52 in reply to Andrema

releasethemagic , seems to know quite a bit, I would suggest you take there advice. I’m sorry I couldn’t help more.

Surely, your doctor must realise that by not being able to claim relevant benefits you are going to get more and more unwell, (due to stress and anxiety, if nothing else). I would contact the practice manager and ask them for advice. Failing that I would seriously consider changing my GP. Good luck, keep well and stay safe.

By refusing to issue you with a sick note and saying DWP already know about your disability, I think your GP is saying that he considers that you are fit to work and your disability does not prevent you from working in his view. When he signs a sick note he is saying you must refrain from work. You don't get the Limited Capability for Work part of UC, unless you cannot work. It is not based on disability, diagnosis or illness. It is based on an assessment of what you can and can't do, carried out by an independent Disability Assessor. Most people get it for 12 months only and are put in a Work Related Activity Group - the expectation is that they will return to work. A minority are put in the Support Group with the expectation that they will not work again. If you are convinced that your GP is being unreasonable, your practice will have a complaints procedure. Ask to see the Practice Manager. You also have the option of changing GP practice but there is no guarantee another GP will not be of the same opinion. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau may also be able to help you navigate through all of this.

Have you claimed Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for the impact of your disability on Daily Living and Mobility? If not, and if you are eligible, that might support your Limited Capability for Work claim, although some people who get PIP, even at the Enhanced Rates, manage to work full-time. It really all depends on what you can and can't do, and how they score you against the descriptors for a series of daily living activities and mobility, plus mental health.

DizzytwoModerator in reply to releasethemagic

I think you covered all the basis.

I get pip and carers . I wonder how many other doctors do this

Is the Carers allowance paid to someone to care for you or are you caring for someone else? If it is you that is the carer, DWP will argue that you are undertaking the Daily Living activities by being a carer and Limited Capability for Work will be very hard for you to prove. If it is you that is being cared for, then your GP really is being unreasonable, so complain.

Ajay575 in reply to Andrema

Have you been assessed by universal credit ans been put in a group.your doc probaly thinks this is the case After so long you don not need sick notes


I would suggest speaking to your practice manager first, and if that doesn't resolve the issue contact PALS if you are in England or Wales (Scotland & N I will have similar organisations)


Sorry but obviously you're GP does not feel you fit the criteria. Whether you feel thats right or not only your doctor can say i'm afraid.

Insist!! Demand it as you need it.

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