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Mattress topper/pillow for allodynia


Anybody can recommend a good mattress topper /pillow for pressure allodynia?

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Hi - Months back, I had the feelings my pains were increased by my mattress, which I need hard for parts of my back. So I tried just a fairly thin skin-friendly organic cotton/silk topper on top, leaving the mattress, that helped a lot. Then I worked out that it's only my kyphosis which needs it hard, so I found a small hard spelt cushion which I put under it when it needs it and that's the best combo for me...

I bought a mattress topper from marks and Spencer which is washable and not too thick. It’s great. I previously had a thicker expensive feather one which wasn’t too good and the feathers came through which felt like pins going into me. I just looked on the M&S website and it’s called supremely washable mattress topper

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