Pillow Talk

Good old pillows,i need 3, 1 for my head,a big plump one to hang on to,and a 3rd that moves around with me through the night ,if pillows could talk i dont think they would have very pleasant things to say about me, yet another restless,painful night ,you think i would be use to it by now,iam losing the plot, poor old pillows get ready for another night.Best wishes to you all xx

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  • My sister makes a 'nest' out of pillows for sleeping! 🐸

  • I do hope there's enough room in the bed for you buddymac48?

    Hope you have sweet dreams tonight! :) xx

  • Just about,theres also my husband next to me who thank goodness sleeps like a log.xx

  • Omg, you poor thing! It's murder when your in so much pain and can't seem to get comfortable even with the use of sleeping aids!

    How long have you been using the pillows? :) xx

  • Ihave been using the pillows about 2 years,the only time i can get any sleep,is by taking Amitriptyline but i find they put weight on, and i also have high liver readings, so i only take them when iam desperate for sleep , xx

  • Never thought you lot would start up pillow talk!!!! Hehe..

  • Maybe this is where, I am going wrong! I need more pillows! I have a V pillow and a normal one. Love my V pillow! Been lost without it now! 😴🌜

  • buddymac48 , I just returned from a 3 day holiday and forgot my "main" pillow.I had the worst sleep, stiff neck, efc..I have 9 pillows on the bed between me and OH .They make sleep a little softer. Peck.🐤

  • wow,9 pillows that must be some kind of record,pillow manufacturers must love us fibro sufferers,

  • I am so gneuinely sorry to read that you had another restless and painful night my friend, and I sincerely hope that you get a much better sleep tonight. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you, as i have said before its the lack of sleep that gets to me most,but having to take certain medication often comes at a price so feels like you cant win,i try to stay positive but fine it very hard to do at times.

  • Good luck my friend :)

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