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Are the Mercury Amalgam Fillings causing my ME


I have 8 Mercury Amalgam Fillings in my mouth.

I have been informed by a friend that these can cause ME. There are also a lot of books that have been written about this as well. I have also been informed that they can cause Mental Health Problems as well.

I have heard about the SMART Protocol that can be used, to remove the Mercury Amalgam Fillings Safely. I just wanted to know whether any of you, have had them removed through the SMART Protocol please?

Also, if you have, what were the affects please?

Has anyone managed to get their Mercury Amalgam Fillings removed, by means of the NHS paying for it please? If so, how did they go about it please?

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nope -

Hi Daffodils, I got my amalgam fillings removed 30 years ago, because I had a lot of strange symptoms. That didn't help my main problems at that time much (gut, skin, back & nerves) but I do think a lot of the other ones. I know the discussion: school medicine says mercury's no problem, if at all taking it out is the biggest one, this mercury form isn't taken up in the body, they say. Nothing got worse in my case. A compromise would be to wait for each filling to need renewal and then changing them, that's easier on your body and your purse. I had only a basic insurance at that time, had to pay for a part myself (not UK). I'd do it again.

Hi Daffodils

I had ME nearly 40 years ago. I was advised then to have my Mercury fillings replaced but only when they needed replacing as if replaced all at once I would have Mercury overload that would make ME worse. This way it was lighter on my body and my wallet!!!!! Of course procedures my have improved since then.

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