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would anyone be willing to fill in my survey?


it is a survey for my uni dissertation if anyone would liike to complete it could you please follow this link as i need as many as possible


many thanks everyone :) laura x

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good questions!

ticked bath seat for shower seat.

use mobility scooter.

Done it Laura - had to copy and paste your link to make it work though

Julie xx

Answered toilet seat for Q12 as has no response for do not use any.

Done, hope you find it useful for your dissertation :) x

Done. Good luck with dissertation!

Answered crutches to 12 as occasionally use a stick and there was no "do not use" option.

Great questions x

Done, hope it helps

Question 12 I answered bath seat, but actually have wet room and use a stick x

Have done it. I think it would be good if Q5 could take multiple answers. Hope you do well with your dissertation x


answered it but soem questions i didnt like.but guess you have to ask .


I've done the survey but had to put crutches as there was no option for do not use on q12. I hope this helps. Can you let us know if you have found anything interesting from this survey? Thanks

Chilli x

Hi Laura

If you would like us to publicise your survey on the FibroAction website and newsletter, please email info@fibroaction.org. We're always happy to support research in this way. :)

hi Lindsey i would very much appreciate this thank you for the advise :) xx

hi everyone i have edited those few problems the best i can so there is now a 'nothing' option on those qu's. i would class walking sticks as crutches in this case as it wont let me change that and class a motorised scooter as wheelchair, sorry about this. i have took notes of the problems so that i can write about them in my dissertation.

thanks you ... send word to others need as many as possible :) xx


hi I like some more information on who you are and what the disertation is for and what Uni your in xx

dyslexic hugs

lil-burkie in reply to Hidden

hi my names laura burke, i am starting my final year at the university of sunderland and i have suffered with fms for 5years but have only been diagnosed in the last 6 months. I decided to conduct research for my dissertation on fms to help me learn as well as to try and educate other people about the illness. my focus during the research is the difference between physical and mental aspect of the disease and which causes the most damage or has the biggest impact on the individual. :) xx laura xx

Dunnit! Best of luck with your dissertation. Do let us know how you get on! luv Moffy x

done survey good luck

Did survey. Be very interested to hear of your results once finished. Good Luck. XX

Done survey would be interesting to see results good luck xxx

Hi just completed the survey it was very interesting to find out that my nausea is a symptom of fibro. I really hope that all your hard work brings greater awareness about this terrible disease.

All the best

Sharon xx

Done it, all the best xx


Done. Good luck.

Done, good luck xx

Completed yr survey -- please let us all know what yr results are :) I think we all experience similar wide-ranging symptoms but because we are all "different" individuals we maybe learn to handle them in different ways and learn different "coping" strategies. What degree are you studying for? I am truly amazed that you are able to study whilst having FM -- you must be very determined! I hope this survey gives you useful results. Good luck xx

lil-burkie in reply to phlebo123

thank you :) i am study health and social care. i started at college on a 2 year course during the first year was when my fibro started :( since then i have really stryggled and at uni do most of my studying at home when and if i can study. but thank you for the vote of confidence hopefully studying something i can rtelate to might be slightly easier :) xx

completed your survey and good luck with it x

Completed your survey, good luck with your dissertation :-) x

Done the survey good look. The question about affecting school coledge e.c.t I was doing a phychology course at home and maths and english courses at a comunity centre. Gave the up due to memory and I miniute I could do somet then I couldn't remember how to do it.

lil-burkie in reply to ragsaybag

i was in first of two year college course when mine started it has really affected me since getting top grades i am now at uni and just scraping a pass. i know exactly what u mean with the memory problems that is one of my biggest concerns and really affects me at uni. hopefully study fibro for my dissertation and being something i am familiar with should help a lot, i shall let u know as i go on haha :) thank you though xx

Done ! Good Luck Laura !

Done for you, good luck x

thank you everyone keep spreading the word so i can get as many as possible :) it is very much appreciated xx

had to tick wheelchair as scooter was not on list, also family mental/ phsical question wanted to tick both. soma x


Good luck with your dissertation Laura. It looks like it will have the potential to be something special. Do make sure you have accessed all the support options available to you at your uni. You should be entitled to a personalised learning plan (from student services). If you don't already have one it will be worth discussing this with your personal tutor as it will enable you to receive the support that you need and deserve if you are trying to study while suffering with FMS. Students who have a PLP at the uni where I work get extra time in exams, extra loan time on library books and sometimes even grants towards support materials and technologies.

All best wishes, Jane x

Thanks for your interest in this subject :-) I've filled in your survey, which was very concise without missing anything vital. Very best of luck with it. xx


done, very good questions, thought provoking.......good luck laura x

done and good luck x

I have just done your survey too but I also ticked crutches because I use walking sticks. Hope this is ok. Good luck with it Laura.

All done, Laura - hope the fibro doesn't hold you back too much, and that your dissertation is a success!

Sara xx

Done. Well done on getting through Uni Laura, good luck with the rest of your course x

All done. Hope it helps. Good Luck xx

Really comprehensive questions! Actually answered a couple of questions of my own about whether the symptoms were connected to the fibro!

Its good that you have decided to do this. The thought of doing a dissertation put me of doing honours degree. Good Luck for sticking with it. More than I did, did 4 years of OU but kept trying to do 5th year but brainfog and probs with hands, arms and shoulders let alone the rest of me, meant I had to stop. For some reason FMS has badly affected by english language skills making it so difficult to complete a good essay.

done and good luck with your course. I answered that I had not given anything up due to fibro but in fact I was doing a diploma in counselling which I had to give up due to fibro fog.

Great survey but you don't have my meds listed which work very well for me.

I've been taking Sertraline 100mg per day for 6 months and I've made great progress and am looking to return to work next month. :)

I'll have to continue taking it for another 6 months though and some of the side effects are a bit nasty but better than FMS.

Good Luck.

done :)


I filled it in.

done hope this helps to add information from the suffer for a change rather than being told how you feel.

Done hop.e the results help you. dottii

Have completed your survey x

Done :)

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