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Do these symptoms seem familiar?


Impairment of the peripheral vision

Disturbances in sensations ("pins and needles" feelings, numbness) usually in the hands feet and sometimes around the mouth

Lack of coordination of movements, such as writing

Impairment of speech, hearing, walking;

Muscle weakness

Skin rashes

Mood swing

Memory loss

Mental disturbance

No, I'm not describing Fibro or CFS/ME but Mercury Poisoning. Mercury poisoning is the result of too much exposure to mercury. Mercury poisoning can be caused by any number of methods of exposure. Amalgam dental fillings are a main cause of mercury poisoning.

I have Fibro and CFS/ME and a mouth full of amalgam fillings but cannot afford to have them changed to the all white fillings.

I wonder how many of us are in the same boat and whether the medical profession know the relationship between amalgam fillings and mercury poisoning but because it does not affect everyone they have chosen to 'create' a new illness or illnesses and call them Fibromyalgia or CFS.ME' rather than admit that we have been/are being slowly poisoned by our fillings.

I am not a conspiracy theorist but it is difficult not to notice the similarities don't you think?

Just thought I'd put this out there to see what others think. I would love to read your views on this.

Shell x

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Some of those symptoms are not symptoms of Fibro, such as Impairment of peripheral vision. The symptoms of Fibro are similar to a lot of other conditions, but that does not necessarily mean they are the same. Of course, mis-diagnoses do happen, as do missed diagnoses of conditions alongside Fibro.

how on earht would you beable to tell if you did have mercury fillings ?

lynz in reply to lynz

earth * lol its been a loooonnngggg night lol

Sandy247 in reply to lynz

they are the silver/black fillings

lynz in reply to Sandy247

omg i have those , :(

I experiance all those symptoms and my face swell frequently! I put it down to the mixture of all my conditions and meds i take but now you've said that ....

I will have to have a word with my dentist and GP especially as they cant explain my facial swelling

Its frightening just what can be put int our bodies by the 'medical profession sandy

hugs poppy xx

hi hun i have a lot if not most of them and have no fillings at all

and i agree with poppy and linz

soft hugs to you from me kath x

hi fibro seems alittle bit of this&alittle bit of that!thats wot i think but im new to fb!xx

hi i have fibro cfs/me but i ont have any murcury filling at all

Thank you everybody for your comments.

I just thought that it was interesting the number of symptoms between mercury poisoning and Fibro and CFS/ME.

I am not for one moment suggesting that all Fibro/ME/CFS sufferers are being poisoned by their fillings - I was merely pointing out the similarities.

I also read on this site a man's blog who went overseas to have all of his amalgam fillings replaced with white fillings and the next day all his Fibro symptoms were gone! Sorry I can't remember his name.

I know that Fibro has many symptoms associated with other illnesses and here's another one.

Again I am not trying to frighten anyone just point out some thing of interest.

S, X

Hi, I have just had my mercury fillings removed.

I have fibro and whilst I don't think mercury is the sole cause, I do believe it is not helping.

Mercury is the 2nd most toxic element on earth. We do not allow children to lick lead paint, but we put mercury into our mouths and this over time leaches into every cell in our bodies. Only when the levels rise, do the symptoms start.

In order for me to get to the bottom of the fibro, I am eliminating anything that affects it.

I had 7 fillings removed and a detox of my system, but it can take years to clear the mercury from your body. I have just sent off some of my hair for mercury testing. The results will not just be about mercury but all heavy metals, minerals and I believe poss chemicals.

I firmly believe that fibro is the result of several different causes and they are all different in all of us.

I find it incredible that he dental industry are still putting mercury in people's mouths and saying it is safe. Several countries have banned it.

Will let you know what the results say

Lizzie x

Sandy247 in reply to Lizzie575

Hi Lizzie please do let me know your results. I am really interested to see what they conclude.

As I said earlier I don't want to frighten people but just educate people about the possibility of their amalgam fillings contributing to their symptoms. S x

Lizzie575 in reply to Sandy247

Hi Sandy

Will let you know what the results are. Although i think this is a starting point as it will take several months or even years to rid myself.

Like you I don't wish to frighten people but the more I delve into what we put in and on our bodies the more horrified I have become.

The results will take 4,weeks to come, but I will come back to you.

Take care


Lizzie575 in reply to Sandy247

Hi Sandy

Just to let you know I have had my results back and my mercury and tin levels are through the roof. Apparently tin can also be due to dental fillings.

I have also been diagnosed with Hashimots thyroiditus (underactive thyroid) but I had to bypass my doctor and see an Endo to get this diagnosed. I am now on thyroxin and already am feeling less tired although still aching.

I had started to detox using vit c, spirallina and chlorella but have stopped at present to let the thyroxin do it's job. I am eating a very healthy diet lots of fruit and veg and drinking loads of water and did an intensive course of saunas, and detox wraps and massages. Once I have sorted my thyroid levels out I will carry on with a good detox possibly vit c injections.

I saw a different gp as I am in Spain today and he says he thinks most of my problems are thyroid and not fibro.

Thanks Lizzie.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care

S x

Thanks Lizzie for letting me know your results.

It is absolutely amazing how high your mercury and tin readings are. I didn't even know you could test for tin in your body.

Good luck with the rest of your detox. Please let me know if the detox works.

It's very interesting what the Spanish Doctor said too. I think I'll ask for my thyroid to be checked and see what the results are.

Take care of yourself.

Sandy x

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