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Amalgam fillings / Mercury removal


This is the first post i've made on this site , but i've just returned from Thailand 2 weeks ago where i'd gone to have all my amalgam fillings removed . I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia on January 20th this year and was virtualy housebound . I was unable to walk some days and had all the symptoms - memory loss , blurred vision at night , constant fatigue even to the point of falling asleep whilst eating . I could have filled a book with all the symptoms . The reason I went to Thailand to have them removed was the cost . To have 10 amalgam fillings removed safely and replaced with white composite fillings cost me less than £500 which would have cost me £1500 to £2500 in the UK . Overnight , from having the first fillings removed , all my symptoms vanished and I have not had a single one since . I've got more energy , enthusiasm and optimism now than I had when I was 20 , and i'm now 38 and this change happened instantly . The research I did into mercury poisoning left me shocked at what I discovered about it and I've no doubt whatsover , amalgam fillings were the sole cause of my Fibromyalgia . I would recommend it to anybody considering it , providing you choose the correct dentist . I'll be more than happy to show the piles of paperwork on Mercury poiusoning which I have should anybody want to read them . The fact that the World Health Organisation has been trying to get amalgam fillings banned worldwide since 1979 pretty much says it all . Their reports and test results are all available on their website for the public to view

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wow i am so glad it as worked for you i bet you are so happy . what about people with fibro who dont have fillings or have dentures x

omg thats fantastic im goin to goggle that to get more info ,so pleased that ur feeling better . luv Tofty xx


Hello there Mark, I have read so many articles over the years about amalgam fillings that it started to worry me. I had a mouthful of amalgam literally. Over the last few years whenever I've needed a filling replacement or one has broken, I have had the amalgam replaced with a white filling. It doesn't come cheap but in my opinion it's been worth it. I still have a way to go, about 5 amalgams to go, but hopefully before too long they will all have gone. Whether or not it's been medically proven that amalgam fillings can cause Fibromyalgia I honestly don't know, but it's certainly food for thought and for more investigation. I personally think given the choice between white fillings and amalgam most people would choose white for health and cosmetic reasons, but unfortunately it's not as simple as that for many people as white fillings are expensive. It's a shame that amalgam fillings haven't been banned worldwide then white fillings would have to be made more financially accessible to everyone. Your post made very interesting reading, so thank you. :)

From all the research I did , its not purely the mercury in amalgam fillings which causes the problems . Everybody has their own level of intolerance to it , mine was obviously very low and it now seems it affected me from my early teens . Simple things which I just took as being normal such as bleeding gums when I cleaned my teeth , slightly shaky hands , all these things have also gone since I had them removed . The mercury in your body will stay there , unless its removed even after having fillings removed . I've chosen a herbal medicine from a holistic doctor to rid myself of it , but there is a conventional medicine , Chelatin which breaks the mercury down from your body . Personally I didn't want to replace the mercury with another chemical which is why I chose the herbal method . The places in which mercury is actually used is quite frightening . From talking to a friend of mine who is a gardener for North Lincolnshire council , they are all tested for mercury levels on a monthly basis , because it is used on lawns to keep them green! Bear that in mind with the fact that mercury is the second most toxic/poisonous substance on the planet to humans , only plutonium is more toxic . It also seems from what i've read that mercury levels can be passed to children from their parents who have had amalgam fillings .

sue_b in reply to Mark74

Yes, definitely is passed from mother to child, generation after generation, it accumulates so each generation is landed with a higher level in their bodies. It is obvious really, as the embryo grows they become an extension of the mothers system and there is some scientific reason ( I am not a scientist) why anything that is in the mother will be passed to the growing baby as the levels are equalised across the whole organism. I'm sure there is a more succinct way of describing the process. Think alcohol.


hi welcome to the site and so glad it all woked for yo that is fantastivc news hope to chat again love to you diddle x

Thank you! My GP still refuses to acknowledge the connection . Her defence was 'So how do you explain why its so much more common in females and even more so in females after pregnancy?' . To me , its common sense that the body of a woman in pregnancy is in an absorbing state so they'll be more likely to absorb the mercury from their amalgam fillings along with their unborn child . The child will then be born with very high mercury levels and the smallest amount will be enough to tip the scales and produce all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia .

Good for you mark.

I agree totally that it won't guarantee a reduction in symptoms . I looked at many cases of people having it done before I made the decision to do it and I admit I was very sceptical about it prior to having it done . All the cases I looked at , I didn't come across a single case though where it hadn't made either a total or 70%+ improvement in symptoms . I visited 7 dentists before I chose one I was happy with and knew exactly what I was talking about because if they're not removed correctly the vapour from the mercury can be inhaled and this is more harmful than the mercury itself . I had a rubber dam in place to prevent this during the removal along with high powered suction fans . I also took large amounts of vitamin C , 2000mg a day before they were removed as it can be a huge strain on your immune system having them removed .

I also find it appalling that doctors are prepared to try a variety of very strong and physically addictive drugs and painkillers on a patient to combat the symptoms , yet they won't do something as simple as suggesting removing something as toxic and harmful from the body as mercury , even with a herbal medicine .

keno25 in reply to Mark74

I agree Mark. Medical school's don't promote the natural cures for illness so the students when they become GP'S have to stick to the rulebook..

Fenton-Bevan in reply to Mark74

Hi mark, thankyou for sharing, i am so pleased it has worked for you. :)

I havent got any fillings in my mouth so that wouldnt be the cause of my fibro, i wish it was that was a small price to pay for you to feel better. :)

hugs, kel xxxx

Hello Mark. I was very interested to read your post, and admire your tenacity in pushing forwards for what you agreed with 100% and was lucky enough to have all of your symptoms vanish.

I truly wish you well and hope that no symptoms should darken your doorstep again.

Hugs x x x x x Sue


It may be Mark that what was diagnosed as Fibro may in fact have been your bodies reaction to the amalgam fillings and perhaps that's why now they've been removed you're feeling better ? You may have had a particular sensitivity to them .

I read some research recently that suggests root canal fillings can cause all kinds of problems , sometimes years down the line because bacteria can be sealed in and works it's way into the blood stream from small canals that the dentist may not even be aware are there .

I hope you continue to feel better and have no recurrence of symptoms . It's nice to hear of someone feeling better.



Bodies ? Grrr I'm sure you only have one ! I meant body's of course !

Mark, I signed up after seeing your post come up in a search because I am deciding where to have my amalgam fillings removed. However, one thing I did not hear you mention was detox. Proper detox is critical. Cilantro and Chlorella will not do a thorough job of removing amalgam from your head and it's going to take a long, long time to recovery. I encourage you to check out Andy Cutler's site. Trust me, I'm not selling anything. The only thing on Andy's site is his book, which I consider to be my bible. It has the best information available about detoxing from heavy metal including ALA recommendations as well as DMSA and DMPA. What to take, how to take it and what supplements you must take to rebuild your health as you begin to flush the mercury from your body. To your health friend.

Hello Mark. Glad to hear that your fibro symptons were gone after the amalgam removal. Any update since?

I am also thinking of having mine removed. Would you care to share which dentist in Thailand did yours? Did they follow the IOAMT protocol? How long did it take to remove and replace 10 fillings? How long did you have to stay in Thailand?

Thanks for sharing :)

Hello Mark good to hear you're feeling better. I had three of my amalgam removed yesterday and it costed £180 pounds. I was in Thailand for 8 years and it didn't occur to me to have them taken out in there and I feel bad now I have to pay a lot more in having my teeth done here in England.. I have 5 more amalgam to be taken out and replaced with white filling my dentist told it will cost me £50 pounds each with discount. Thank you for your post.

Hello, ive also found having my filling out really helped with my symptoms. Scotopic sensitivity syndrome (visual stress) went within 1 round of chelation. Another incurable disability.

Hi Mark goodness I have never heard about that, I wonder if that is why I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 20 years ago? I have all my own teeth at 68 some with amalgam fillings and I have to go to the dentist next Friday I think I will mention it to him to see why he says. I am really fed up with Fibromyalgia and if this would help I think I'll try it.

Hi there. I go to Thailand every year and have just found your post. Could you tell me the details of the dentist that you used please as I'm interested in having the rest of my fillings removed safely.

Thank you

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