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No Happiness Anymore


Hi i have had fibromyalgia since 2001. Just having a rough time at the mo as i am having probs with my colon have had an op for a ruptured achilles tendon and also looks like i may need a new knee and also may have carpsl tunnel syndrome. Not sleeping like all of you is giving me a bad time with all of this. I am so unhappy i really do feel that there is no point in living a life like this 😭😭

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hi there, sorry you're feeling down at the moment, not sleeping makes everything seem worse doesn't it, I have osteoarthritis , fybro and restless legs which keep me from sleeping through the night, what part of the country are you, I'm in Wales.

healinghand in reply to Mydexter

I can pray for you

Cumnock in reply to Mydexter

I live on Yorkshire now but am from Scotland

I am. Near Wakefield in West Yorkshire

I really feel for you, these chronic diseases can really get to you. I send you love as a fellow struggler and I wish something makes you see a glimmer of hope today. Take very good care of yourself today. X

I’m so sorry you’re feeling so low and in so much pain. I’m sending you caring, loving thoughts with the hope for a better tomorrow. 🌈

I’m so sorry you feel this way , I feel like this too but I tell myself it will pass !

I think the uncertainty of life at the minute with Covid 19 doesn’t help the situation if your already unwell and it doesn’t take much to be tipped over the edge as the nature of our illness has curbed our life already !

Take what you can out of little things in life

I send you love and strength 🙏

Take care, and be kind to yourself, & just take a day at a time. I’ve got a horrendous list of conditions headed up by very rare severe lung condition. I dare not let myself dwell on it all. I live alone with just my 4 brilliant cats for company & a little garden. I’ve lost contact with people I thought were good friends, Cos I’m not well enough to keep up with life. ( NEVER MIND COVID!!) I only see my wonderful neighbour now. I’m only late 50s but have been ill like this for 10YEARS now. The only way I can cope is by doing what I can manage each day, not look ahead, but focus on things I enjoy & look for the GOOD things in my life. Often when I’m worse, that focus has to be on something external, even if it’s a beautiful flower, the sun shining or one of my favourite songs.

We’ve got to do what we can to help ourselves thru, & still find some quality of life. Don’t focus on what you can’t do. It will only drag you down.

I’m sending you the BIGGEST HUG!!


bookish in reply to Sparkimoore

I love your attitude. Beautiful flowers and birds in my little garden, sunshine and music are getting me through too. My best wishes

Sparkimoore in reply to bookish

Thanks so much bookish. This means a lot!

Mydexter in reply to Sparkimoore

Great attitude Rose, that’s what I try to do too, don’t focus on what I can’t do anymore but do what I can ,its the only way to survive this illness , take care😘

Cumnock in reply to Sparkimoore

Thank you Rose. I have had it sin e i was 47 and could cope with it for a long time but i feel its just ruining my life now. I have really had enough

Hi Cumnock, you do seem rather down in the dumps, and I notice from previous posts that you’ve mentioned “life not worth living”

Have you spoken to your GP about these feelings? You could well be suffering from Depression.

We are all living under the dark cloud of Covid19, and that coupled with all our various other health problems can sometimes make us feel that life isn’t worth living.

All of the above suggestions are good, but if you continue to feel like this, can I suggest that you speak to either your GP, SAMARITANS or MIND Helplines. They can help you, and are very experienced in helping people in ways to work through these feelings of hopelessness.

Take care.

GP. 😊😊

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