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ive been put on trazadone 75mg for anxiety and sleep but have been on amitryptiline 50mg for pain for 8 years its been 3 week since the trazadone ive had so much pain in my legs i can hardly walk heart palputations is it good to take to antidepressants together was on prozac for 15 years stopped working has anyone else tried trazadone

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Hi Elaine all I no is it won't be easy adjusting to the meds but u will do eventually and trazedone is meant to help anxiety and depression so i hope they work for u I'm on duloxetine now it's great for anxiety but I'm numb and rather moody so will give it few more weeks xxxxx

Lolabaker in reply to Lolabaker

How are u feeling in general xxxx big hugs x

Crap my legs and round my kidneys are sore and keep waking up with heart palpitations xx

Yeah the heart palpitations are awful I think that's due to lack of sleep and the chronic pain fibromyalgia causes us xxx I to suffer mentally xxxim here if u ever need chat xx have u noticed any benefit while being on the new med yet x?

Yes it has helped my mood I would be climbing the wall by now I suffer mentally as well panick attacks insomnia I did read trazadone and amittryptline can cause a condition called seratonin syndrome which can be dangerous taking to antidepressants together even though one is for pain one of the side effects is struggling to walk heart palpitations dizziness so might have to ring the drs monday and ask x

Yes serotonin syndrome is dangerous but amitriptyline is now used for neuropathic pain it is an old school antidepressant try not to worry about that speak to gp for peace of mind I don't even read side effects no more I chuck the leaflet away unless I get side effects because it almost sent me mad in the head and I'm already mad 😂😉😘😘😘

Yes I'm looney tunes to that is my mistake I read the side effects I should throw them away will ring and make sure I find when I take codamol it eases the pain was on prozac before the trazadone 15 years they stopped working and had to wait 3 and half weeks to get them out of my system the withdrawal was awful and started these three weeks ago I just dont remember going through this on prozac thankyou for easing my mind hope we can chat again x

Yeah defo message me and let me no how you get on in the next few days xxxxxxx

Will do xx

Wow 😳, I am so sorry for you, I have restless legs, fibromyalgia, arthritis,gout, and chronic pain.

Claustrophobic, tinnitus, and spinal, stenosis.

They say I need both shoulders replaced and my left hip?

I'm taking blood thinners, so that stops the elective surgeries, I quit the pain clinic, they can't give me shots where I need them,I can bleed to death ☠️💀 I also have obstructive sleep apnea, and insomnia, some time pannick attacks.

I think that's all!

I'm just so sick 😫 of Drs 🤢 and pills! Three blood pressure, thyroid, crestor ropenirol.

Someone said today, that CBD oil is bad for the liver because it has to go through the liver and break down into something, to pass through our system.

Smoking and vaping,go straight to the blood to the brain.

I'm just going to bed

Good night


Good night 🌉, everyone

Amitriptyline caused my heart to pound in my chest that is a side effect xxx and your body's probably adjusting to the trazedone x

Mydexter in reply to Lolabaker

I was taken off amitriptyline when I was having palpitations.


I take trazadone at night. Originally anti depressant but I take to sleep. Very safe. Have duloxetine tramadol and paracetamol for pain.

Well my dr has told me to stop but it will take two weeks to get out of my system so I can take 75mg of amittryptline at night and cocodamol for pain fingers crossed xx

You are all incredible individuals. All the best

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