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price to pay for enjoying my self

I had a great evening last Saturday

i had a great time swimming, sauna, Jacques (can't spell that lol )

Sunday night spent the night curled up on sofa crying as i was in so much pain fibro pay back will i ever learn

I took the dog for a walk yesterday pay back was my knees screaming at me all night

Today i have moved the furniture around in my lounge so looks like another night in hell

But we must never give in the things we love to do

carol x

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I think most of us would agree that to do the things we like has repercusions, it might take an almighty effort but, hey ,if we didn't what would we do except sit or lay around feeling sorry for ourselves.

I am no spring chicken but getting on in years now and I have other unrelated problems but I don't intend to be beaten


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