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Going to pay for it tomorrow

Oh I am very naughty, have my daughter at nursery this morning, and my son having his morning nap, and instead of having 40 minutes rest by myself, I through I would de-weed the front garden, because it's a mess, and my poor husband is always busy when he gets home from work tidy up for me, so I thought it a job done, but I couldn't finish it coz I started to hurt, and I now know I'm going to pay for it big time tomorrow.

WHY...... Do I do these things and never learn.

Oh well, what's done is done.

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Hey Lisa, Don't beat yourself up xx, or the weeding will feel like a negative and it certainly sounds like you enjoyed it......go you!! horray :)

I'm sure we all do it - last week I got so fed up that I had things blocking the way of my full length mirror (I couldn't see past my waist! Probably good really! ha ha).

Anyway during one insomniac night over the weekend I moved all the stuff....very quietly...shhhh! And ohhh boy did I pay for it - whoops a daisy, in bed most of the next day with hot water bottle as my best friend and very dopey from topping up painkillers!

So maybe try to look at what you have done Lisa and congratulate yourself on getting out there and pulling those darn weeds that were bugging you :) (Next time you'll know just to do a little less).

For me, I know I'm pleased each time I can see 'all of me' including feet - in my mirror.

Enjoy your weed free garden. Pea x


You are right, thank you.

There is still lots to do, but I am happy I have made a start, who know might be able to do a little less of it next week, that's if my hubby don't tell me off and do it his self before I do.

Glad you got what was bugging you done, and that you feel better now. X


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I do it all the time. I'm paying for one now even as I type. I call it "buy now, pay later". My OT told to only use 20% of my energy at a time and store the remainder to use at a later date/time. Do I heed the advice? Noooooo. I only remember it when I'm huffing and puffing with tears streaming down my face from the pain. At least I feel happy when I see my 12 yr old son smile cos I prepared his favourite dish. In my book that is worth the pain. I'm sure seeing a weed free patch was well worth the pain. Well done. You go girl!



Thank you x


We've all been there haven't we its so tempting when you feel ok to just get on with it not thinking of the consequences, will we ever learn😟. I doubt it 😃


Hi Lisa2014

I did exactly the same as you, yesterday. Boy am I paying for it today!!!! Had to ring in to work for day off, feel rubbish. Tramadol only thing that would touch the pain early hours of the morning. As well as the pain, I am now suffering the effects of the tramadol on my head.....all over the place, can't focus properly, giddy, feeling nauseas, being sick..... Pray for a better day tomorrow.

Cheryl xx


Oh no poor you, hope you feel better soon.

We never learn do we?

So easy to over do things on a good day.

Lisa x


That's just it, I was having a good day, too good, the weather was beautiful and I was feeling great. Never mind, I'll be ok in a few days and the garden does look lovely.

Cheryl X


We have all done it. Been there and worn the T shirt as they say. I now take a simple wind up egg timer with me and decide beforehand how much time I think I can allow myself to work before having a rest and then when it rings I make sure I have a break. I am finding pacing much easier now but alas I sometimes break my new rules if I am very near the end of the task and as unfortunately you have found out I pay for it.

Hope that you will be feeling better soon but think of that wonderful weed free front garden.x


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