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What painkillers are good for easing daily pain?


I use paracetamol and heat packs a lot, my doctors prescription is so strong it knocks me out. Is there a happy inbetween? That will help me get through the day but still be awake.

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I use Solpadeine headache ( ones in white box) I’ve got down to one of these with two x 300 mg soluble Aspirin and find this works for me. When I first bought the Solpadeine I didn’t realise there were different packs so just used the ones I found on the shelf.

Best thing I’ve found though is my vitamin combination of 2xB1, 1x 10ug Vit D ( in summer, I take 25 ug Oct-April) 1 x folic acid. 1x CoQ10. This really turned my life around after I’d been taking them for a month. I still have some standstill days ( overdid it yesterday, too long a walk in heat, and ended up in bed in pain for the rest of the day but feel ok this morning) but there are far more good days than bad.


Morning , I would 1st speak to your doctor via phone at the moment and say the painkillers he /she has prescribed are knocking you out completely and what can he/she suggest you can take instead as you want to be able to function better without being knocked out completely. My doc has givin me codiene for days when I really need to take s them, they kick in quickly and last around 2hrs for me , but says not too use them all the time only bad days really when pain levels are high. Xx

Have you tried over the counter Cocodamol (which is the same as Solpadeine plus)? It’s a fair bit weaker than the prescription ones and work OK except that some people get constipated on them. Solpadeine headache is Paracetamol and caffeine so I doubt it would work for you. There’s Solpadeine max which has more codiene in than the plus but also caffeine added. The only problem with branded products is that they are expensive compared to generic ones. The caffeine you could get from a strong cup of filter coffee!

I have always found cocodamol work best for me. When I take 2 at a time I can feel sleepy and also end up constipated because of the codeine. Hate the side effects.

When I am bad I take 1 cocodamol and 1 paracetamol (doctor said it is ok). Not quite so strong but works well and less side effects, i.e. feeling sleepy.

Sometimes just 1 cododamol from the doctor helps dampen the pain to a manageable level.

Hope this helps.

Lowdose oxycodone gives you an energy surge

you could try magnesium malate in the morning and magnesium bis glycinate and vitamin D3 in the evening. malate helps pain and glycinate helps sleep.

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