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Morning All

Please can anyone advise on a painkiller, that does not make you feel drowsy. I need to drive through the day, and once my doctor gave me some anti depressions, which she said would help me sleep. However, the next day I found I was too light headed to drive. (don't ask which one as cannot remember)

I have osteoarthritis, which has been diagnosed. Think I may also have fibromyalgia because of other symptoms which are linked. As you all know the pain gets you down.

If I can find something that can even take the edge of it that would be an improvement. My doctor has given me paracetamol and ibuprofen. These are as much use as taking plain water. To be honest my doctor is not very helpful, so I will need a painkiller to suggest to her.

Thanks in advance

Karen xxx

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Hi Karen

My doc gave me 10mg Amytriptoline ( spelling?) For pain management of osteoarthritis which took edge off. When I was also then diagnosed with fibro she took me off it and put me on Duloxetine and Pregabalin. The Duloxetine doesn't make me sleepy. Haven't been on pregabalin long so not sure of it yet. As we are of course all different these might not suit you but worth asking your go what your options are. Hope you find something to help.x


thank you. I am also worried about the long term side effects.

cannot win

Karen xxx


My thoughts exactly. If I sit down I tend to think about things more too. I take my radio and a flask of tea (very important) to my cleaning job. Next week I am going to try out some devices to help me with my every day things ie opening bottles etc.

I think I will make an appointment at the doctors, to see if she can give me something else.

Thanks again

Karen xxx


Thank you so much for that. I only have at the most 3 jobs per day. Also it gives me more than the pain takes away. What I mean is my customers are lovely. I have 12 altogether. However, one is my mam and 3 are offices. One office is my son's, and his staff are lovely. I come away tired but feeling very uplifting. They like me bringing biscuits in for them, and because it is an IT computer business, any pc problems I have are fixed free of charge. Also most important because it is my son's business, I get to see him too. One of my customers even gave me a device to open bottles with it. Another one is a writer and I am one of his characters in one of his stories.

Karen xx


Thanks. I am not sure what is meant by DWp?

I am very careful, but also need to earn a living too, so I am trying to what I can when I can.

Like you say that it could get worse.


Karen xxx

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I did know what it meant, but no I am not claiming yet. I was just wondering why you said what you did. I am self employed part time. At the minute I am not claiming any benefits, however that does not mean I would in the future.

I have chosen this job, because I had to give up my other one when I collapsed, mainly through stress.

I do worry so much, about the future as like I said the condition may get worse. This is why I am trying to work when I can now.

I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, but now fiboaliagia yet. I have made an appointment with my doctor, to ask for stronger painkillers, and maybe something to help me sleep. My doctor was supposed to get in touch with me, but she has not.

I sympathise with you very much, as like you say it seems to control your life. It looks like an illness that creeps up on you.

Karen xxx


thank you. I am going out today to try to get a heat patch for my back. It constantly aches with pain. Getting out of bed this morning was agony, more so getting in the bath and putting my clothes on. I can type better than I can write, because by fingers are starting to go out of shape. I also have one hip that is now bigger than the other. Funny enough that was what at last made my doctor send me to see a physophepist. Who in turn sent me to see a rheumatologist. If I did not go and see the rheumatologist I would of never of found out that I had osteoarthritis. As my doctor had the results of my x rays for over a year,but never told me.

This is why I choose self employed cleaning. You see I can have a rest between jobs. Years ago I worked in an office, but I could not do anything like that now as my brain has gone to sleep. I lost my dad, four years ago, and just started cleaning my 93 year old mams home. This helped me relax and in a way like I said it gave me therapy. For once I found something I was good at.

Thanks for talking to me. I find this site comforting.

Take care

Karen xxx

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You made me laugh saying ' they would find me asleep on the job' No did not get a patch, ended up getting deep heat spray. I have been spraying on my back also on my foot, which feels like someone is pouring boiling water over. Also bought some soles to put in my shoes. Struggled through doing my housework today, in between going to put up my mams tablets in her box for the week. What I have found useful is doing my shopping online. Only thing is I used to take my mam shopping too which was hard, so now I do her shopping online. I had to create an email account for her. Honestly she is 93 years with her own email account.

thanks for what you said about my cleaning, it was not an easy decision going self employed. I was working as a carer when I collapsed with stress, but tried my best to carry on, to try to buy my council house. The bedroom tax came and with minimum wage I found the rents far too high. So my mam helped me buy it. Otherwise I would never of been able to work part time.

I can smell sausages, now as my boyfriend, is cooking. Can I call him a boyfriend at my age!

Take care

Karen xx


Morning Stiff today with pain. You seem to get used to it, and I think it could be worse. I am 52 years, and my boyfriend which I have been with for 15yrs is 57. He does what he can but he has early parkinson's, also on the sick from work as he has had a ankle fusion operation. Nevermind we can help each other. He is my memory because I have not got one.

My ex I divorced about 18 years ago. He was not a nice man either. It was mental cruelty with him. He still does not acknowledge his son or daughter, or his four grandchildren who I have now. I like you brought my family up more or less on my own. My children have done well, despite what he went through with his dad. We had to move out a bad area, into my mams house because of break ins etc. However, my mam did not have enough room for myself and my son and daughter together. So my daughter had to move in with my sister, and my dad when he was alive made me a bed under the stairs where I slept for 17 months. Not ideal but at least I was safe out the bad area. Eventually I received a council house, where I still live today. So life gets better.

I love my house, it is simple nothing special but I have a garden where I have put up a seat. I can sit and listen to the birds with a cup of tea (priceless) I see my grandchildren regularly, I look after my daughters two for a couple of hours after school as she too is one parent. I don,t see my son,s kids that often. However I see my son at work. He has his own troubles as his wife who is 35 has got cancer, and is waiting for the results of how far it has spread. She was never a very close person, but I am still very upset with it.

What do you like to do to help you relax? In the colder days I have a hot water bottle. I try to read, but seem to not to be able to concentrate. I am hopeless.

You are doing well bringing your son up, with the problems you have. Women seem to be stronger, and have a way of coping.

I have made an appointment for my doctor on Tuesday, so see what she comes up with.

Remember you are a survivor

Karen xx

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Hello I thought you would of had a 'not the best' life. Most people who give a lot, are the ones who have been through the most. What I mean they understand, so therefore put themselves in the other persons position and give what comfort they can. It's nice that your ex keeps in touch with your son. Mine was invited to my son's wedding, and I really hoped they would start an relationship ship, but that did not happen. My son even had to discuss with me first whether it was worth inviting him or not, as like I said he never stayed in touch. He was a very selfish man, who thought of nobody but number one. For years he was seeing somebody else, but told me he was working as a security guard. He even made up a story about somebody helping him out, so he had to repay them. The way he repaid them was giving away my son's karaoke machine to her son as a thank you.

My son went away to university, and he refused to even buy him a £10 book. It used to make me cry seeing my kids hurt. My son started a business just doing the odd computer fix in my home, and it has now grown to him having 15 staff, and in the middle of moving to bigger premises. I even taught him to type.

Nevermind I am grateful he lives near me, and I can still see him. and my daughter lives only 5 minutes away. So I am blessed with that.

You seem very intelligent, I cannot spell so excuse my bad spelling.

I have 3 cleans today. I don't start until 10 which is good. Only I feel like going back to bed. It is not so much tiredness, just drained of energy. I do an old man's house, who cannot get over loosing his wife, and said I have given him a reason to get up in the morning. Some days I only have 2 cleans to do. Only this week I have had to shuffle them about in order to go to the hospital to try out these devices.

I am going to the doctors tomorrow. Today was painful, getting out of bed and bathed. As you know even walking downstairs is agony. I also struggle with taking the painkillers out that plastic card. My partner has suggested getting a large chewing gum drum and emptying all the painkillers in.

I had my mam last night for tea. I worry so much about when she will not be with me, as she is 93 now. However, she seems in better health that myself.

Well I have to take my dog Dougal out for a short walk now.

Take care




Hello What lovely words, you seem to know really what you are talking about. I called into to see my son at his new office yesterday. He is still doing it out so there is a lot of dust. Then my daughter was on the phone last night asking if I could put a dinner out for my grandson, as he is 11 and just starting a new school in September. She is at work so I finish earlier than her. As a mother you do tend to put yourself last. I am already thinking of when I can take my mam out next week, just maybe to the local shopping centre. I know I need time to myself, but I am thinking also of the future, I am trying to work to pay extra off my mortgage so not to have to worry when I get older, and maybe in pain too. Even though the judge may think you are fit to work he is not in your body. I don't think even my mam can understand how much pain I can have in a bad day. She once told me that "but you can still get around". However, just because I can walk, it is never pain free. They say that trauma in your life can contribute to these illness. You seem to have your fare share. I too went through something similar. Honestly if we did write a book, they would probably send it back and say it is not true. Remember though everyone has a gift, something good they can give. Your words are a comfort, someone going through struggles will always understand more. My shopping gets delivered tonight from Tesco. I love it getting brought to my door. Seems very sad when you get excited about a Tesco van! When I go to my doctors today, I am going to ask her why she never explained about my x ray. I knew it was not normal to be in pain, when I moved my joints but the doctor never told me the reason (osteoarthritis)

I have a lakeland terrier. He was a rescue dog. Our dog had to put down, on a Friday, and I said no more dogs. We got Dougal on the Sunday. He loves the kids, sits on their knees and plays in the garden with them. However he is anti dog. He only has two friends. He is always on a lead, but there are many dogs that run up to him off the lead, which he will attack. I ask the owners to call them back, but they are a bit unresponsive. Yes as you say dogs are hard work, and he is very strong. I am normally the one who takes him out, as my boyfriend (partner) does not live with me. He lives with his mam and dad still, and only can come over to mine when I drive to pick him up. He has parkinson's, but also before xmas had a foot fusion operation, resulting in him wearing a moon boat, which he still has on 6 months after. This means at this minute he is unable to drive his car.

Nevermind, it is supposed to get warmer today, so that is good. Little things mean a lot, a sunny day or a cup of tea. It could be worse.

Well done for cleaning your window, they are probably cleaner than mine.

Take care

Karen xx


Morning You are a tremendous women. You have to deal with so much in a day. You are blessed my your son, and credit to you for bringing him up. Enjoy your friends today, and have a little you time.

My grandson arrived home the same time as myself yesterday, he had his tea but was soon out playing with his friends. It is unbelieveable my grandchildren are mine, as they are so different to me. I was a very quiet person at school, still am. Also got bullied throughout my school life. It is lovely to see my children to be ok. What I mean is normal, I thought of myself as not been normal. I had fat cheeks and thought I was unlike anyone else. Thus the reason for the bullying the way I looked. I even prayed when I had my son that he would not look like me. My daughter works for the NHS. She deals with bursaries. The students who want to become nurses apply, and she helps them with their grants. There was one in particular she told me about, that did not have a birth certificate, as she was found on the door step. There are so many sad stories.

Well my doctors visit went as well as could of been. I asked her if there was any painkillers that did not make me drowsy. She said there was naproxen, she said it was like the big brother of ibuprofen. I told her that I was not aware I had osteoarthritis. She said it must of been the rheumatologist that diagnosed that. When I said she was surprised I had not been referred sooner, her answer was "well if we referred everyone the hospital would be overflowing" It was like is if i Just had a toothache. Nevermind see what happens with these. I am going to do my mams cleaning today, and taking Dougal with me. She loves the dog and buys biscuits for him. Only I take him in the car and cannot mention the word car to him, as he gets too excited.

The weather is hopeless, just now, dull and windy. Going to get my partner later on and bring him over for a couple of days. He is a nice man, but only wish he was my kids dad. It would of been lovely to have a family, like I was brought up in. However, things as you know don't turn out the way you want. We are still waiting for the results of my son's wife cancer. I don't see his kids much, because of his new wife, as she has always been distant to the family, but obviously I still care what happens to her. My tesco order came last night. I asked for broccoli and sprouts, however they sent just broccoli. The driver said he would take it back, but I said it's ok not realising how much broccoli they sent. Now I have loads. I am going to take doughal out now, then having another cup of tea.

You enjoy your time, and remember you are doing ok.

Karen xx


Hello again

Do you know I ended up giving the broccoli to one of my customers. She was so happy with what I done for her she gave me a cuddle. Poor thing is slowly loosing her sight. Getting my shopping delivered is like a dream come true. The very fact that I am able to pay for food is a dream too. Years ago when living with my ex husband I would of thought I was the queen. My ex used to spend most of his money on takeaways cigarettes and drink, so leaving me to earn the rest for food. I remember having to pawn items to be able to buy food. Also there was a shop that exchanged baby milk tokens for food which I used to go to. My ex once took my family allowance book saying he would get the money, however he drank some of it and lost the book. The book was later handed in. When the kids were very small he gave up his job, so we were on benefits for a long time. I later got a job and had to pay my friend to take the kids to school. However, I found out she was making them late, so I told my ex I would work part time. He agreed but refused to make up the money.

Sorry to moan, but it nice sometimes to write with talk, if that makes sense. I went to see my occupational therapist yesterday. She was fantastic, suggested lots of things I would not of thought of. For instance, a hand pump bottle to put shampoo in, so I don't have to squeeze. Also a travel kettle so not too heavy. My daughter has a small bean bag which is great for putting my legs up on. I must try to get one. Hers was from Aldi. She told me to take regular rests even on a good day. Also she did not think I should push a wheelchair, saying it would put a strain on my joints. I have not told my mam yet. You see I used to take her out and put the chair in the car. My mam even though I love her so much, has a way of making you feel guilty if she is not pushed. She has a four wheel stroller with a seat which my therapist said that would be good enough for her to go out with. She also explained that I have to start saying no and think of myself, hard is it not! Remember also to look after yourself, so something you like.. Even if it is a bubble bath or a trip out with your friends. You give so much. treat yourself. I have asked my partner Kevin to do my kitchen today. I know he will not do everything, but beggars cannot be choosers. I once asked him to put the washing in. When I got home the washing was not done. When I asked why, his reply was well you told me to put it in, but not to turn it on. Men!

I am grateful I can touch type, I was trained as a typist years ago. My writing is hopeless now, so things happen for a reason. Well coronation street is on tonight, I watch that even when it is rubbish, it's homely.

Thanks for letting me moan

Karen xx


Hi busy weekend as usual. I used to work weekends at one time when I was a carer, I don't know how I found the time now. Your words are so true about my mam, she does not like knowing she is getting old. However, she has a lovely life, she is out today at my niece's house for dinner, and coming to mine later for tea. However she seems to still think she should not be in the house when others are out. I have told her she can stay, tonight, as I have some time tomorrow with a cancellation. The family do put themselves out for her, but she never knows that. It is a shame you could not write a therapy book, or be a councillor, as you seem to understand and take the time to listen. Unlike my dad when he was alive, my mam likes a bit of attention, so pushing her around she would want. I have told her about not taking her wheelchair, and her answer was she would try. The stroller has a seat where she can sit down anytime, also the shopping centre we go too there are seats also. I have to work out how to fold the stroller and get it into my car first. I have a small Aygo. My dad bought it for me out his life insurance, so I think of it as his car. You seem to have a lot to cope with in your life. Do you have any family support?, or somebody other than your son that could help you? Or even someone to talk to when things get to much? The weather is hopeless again, mixture of rain and sunshine, if it was not for the date on the computer I would not know it was summer. My small kettle is great, I love it. I was thinking of trying to get some kind of velcro handle to fit on my seat belt, You will probably be the same, but reaching over to put my belt on is tough. I am also going to save up and try to get the plumber to change my taps, for easier ones. I am so pleased I found this site. It was purely by accident, as I tried to google my symptoms to see what was wrong with me. It makes you wonder why you have doctors in the first place? Kevin once was sent to the pain management dept, and the doctor was trying to say he was imagining the pain. It ended up that he had three hernias. Anyway I have a much better life now, and I am blessed with this. What is your cat called? My dog Dougal does not like the rain either.

Well see what tomorrow brings

Karen xx


Hello Please don't feel as if you have to email daily, I know how busy we can get. You don't yap it is nice to get things out makes you feel better. I really enjoying hearing about you. I have not had the best of weeks. My leg keeps giving way, with a pain too. I have taken to wearing a knee support which does help. Also Kevin at the weekend was a victim of a fraud scam, who has hacked into his account. It is frightening to think of what people are capable of now. It has shaken me, as even though it was not me they targeted, it is awful to think people are so evil now.

Anyway, I did take my mam out today, with her stroller. She managed but kept reminding me how tired she was. However, I did not realise how hard the wheelchair was, until I did not have to push it.

I did get a seatbelt helper, but it was to be honest a waste of money. You have to push the folded seatbelt through the loop. However, my thumb is painful for me to do this. Nevermind it is sunny now and looks ok for the rest of the week. Hows your pain, does it get any easier in the heat or worse?

At least you ex comes, be thankful for small mercies. I have not seen mine for years. My son and daughter and grandchildren too, don't see him. He has his own life, with a new wife so has cut them out. I remember at my son's wedding which he came (late) too, my granddaughter remarked he did not like her. When I asked what she meant, she replied because he did not speak to her, she was only 4 at the time.

I have been told that I am unable to be supplied with taps, or anything as there is so many needing them they cannot afford it. I may just get some fittings to put on them, as it will be cheaper for me.

It must be awful not knowing how you feel from one day to the next. Don't worry about your garden, you cannot be expected to do it. Also just do what you can around the house, you will get no prizes for tiring yourself out. I was told that by by therapist.

I have a few books, which I have never got round to reading. However, I am going to try as it may help me relax. My concentration though is hopeless.

Can you not apply for carers? it does not seem fair that you should have to struggle so much alone.

Kevin goes back to the hospital tomorrow, hopefully he will get his moon boot off, but I am not holding my breath.

Well I am going to have a cup of lemon tea, apparently it may help me sleep! If that does not work I can always hit myself over the head.

Take care

Karen xx


Hi Just sitting down having a cup of tea. It is nice you have a friend, the older ones are usually the wisest. I had one in her 80's once, she was there through my dark days for me. I have had a good week, my legs seemed to improve. I cannot help wondering if it was not the new painkillers. I was told from my occupational therapist about not being able to be supplied free of charge with anything. Kevin still has his moon boot on, apparently his appointment was cancelled due to an emergency. You said that you once worked and raised a son, don't you think that was an achievement. Being a mother is hard enough, without health problems, nevermind with. I bet you are an amazing mother.

It must be a nightmare for you to get up and ready to go. I know I am always in pain and very stiff in the mornings when I get out of bed. I never have a good nights sleep. Normally I go to bed then, wake about 2. If I am lucky I can fall asleep again at 3 then awake about 5.30. I have come to accept that. Sometimes I have ten minutes in the afternoon in between my jobs. It makes be laugh, when people complain about the heat saying it kept them awake. I just think I wake up without heat.

I took Kevin back home today, so will be living alone until Thursday when I pick him up again. Although I have my daughters two kids on Tuesday, and of course Tesco delivery!

My son's wife is pregnant again, three months. She has cancer, and has got to go through chemotherapy. They have said that it will be ok, however it is worrying. I always tell people I have 4 grandchildren, 2 I see regularly, but the other 2 I don't see much. I sympathize with my daughter-in-law as she has cancer, but she is hard work. She has always distanced herself from the my family, and has not been in my house for over two years. When she talks to me in a business like manner, as if I was being interviewed. She has a two year old with my son, who I hardly see. She does not visit, and when I or my mam visit their house there is usually an atmosphere. Nevermind, I see my daughters two, and whenever, my son needs somebody to babysit his other daughter who is 13 now (from a previous relationship) he asks me.

I have now begun to accept things and to be happy with what I have not what I have not, even though hard at times,

Kevin got his money back, however, the bank never said how it happened.

I am trying to do some knitting to keep my fingers going. I cannot follow a pattern, I only do the same stitch until it is long enough for a scarf. If I manage five lines at one time it is an achievement for me. I thought if I started now, I could have two scarfs done in time for xmas for presents

My son has being moving office this week and I have been helping him by cleaning it. Strange but office cleaning is easier than houses. Also I get to see my son, without having to go to his house.

The people that want to stop benefits, seem to think everyone is the same. Programmes like the (Benefit Street) don't help. In fact I find it upsetting to watch, and find myself reaching for an inhaler, as my breathing gets fast when I watch it. You see I used to be without enough money to be able to pay bills or buy food, when I was on benefits. So, that programme only brings back bad memories for me. I remember frying flour and water up in the pan, I and living off that because we had no food. I also used to pawn things for food.

Now I consider myself rich, because I can live, buy food that is and pay my bills. I cannot afford holidays or nights out etc. but I don.t need them. My sister who normally has at least two holidays a year, sometimes a cruise may think my wages are poverty But to me it is an improvement.

Sorry it is late and I am tired, and I am probably typing rubbish.

You take care, and look after yourself.

Well I will go to bed and look at the ceiling again.

Karen xx



I have just typed a reply to you only to lose it somehow. Nevermind I have had a busy buy nice week. It started off not so good, as felt a little down. I can easily slip into depression, this leads to tiredness and lack of energy. I think my daughter in law triggered it off, when she said she was pregnant. You know somebody can enter in the family, and change it with her presence.

Nevermind. How are you? Its awful to think you can just get by. Nobody should be like this nowadays. We should all be able to have enough to live, not just eat and pay bills.

I am going to have a busy week this week. My grandson who is 11 is leaving his school and going to his next and final school. I went to the new school with my daughter. The school was encouraging students to take up music, with putting instruments on show. Nice but as my daughter said (who is one parent) it all costs money. The school seem to think that everyone can afford to pay for their constant outings activities and trips they put on,

My grandson is going to a leaving party, which I am taking him too, as my daughter is at work. He also is having a leaving assembly, where I am going too. Also the school has gave all the kids who are leaving a jacket with all the leavers names on ( you have to pay for it).

When I left school it was "well goodbye"

One of my cleaning customers, was a bit stressed as she had decorators in and the house was a bit of a mess. I offered to go out yesterday to help her. It turned out there was not that much to do, so I did not charge. However, she insisted, and ended up wanting to pay for lunch for Kevin and myself yesterday. That was a lovely treat for us. some kind people

Well I know have to cancel Dougal my dogs pet insurance, as I have found a cheaper one. We took Dougal to the vets a few months ago, and claimed on the insurance. It turned out there was nothing wrong, but nevertheless, it cost. We had 'more than' pet insurance for years with not one claim until then. They were very slow in dealing with the claim, and then when our renewal came though, put the price up by £10. so now we have found another one.

Well as ever, always lovely to talk. Here goes another week see what this one brings.

Karen xx



I have had a busy week. Just taken Kevin home tonight. He goes to the hospital tomorrow to see if his foot is ok to remove the moon boot, he has had on from December. I saw my son for a few minutes tonight, as he had came to fit new cooker. I know they saw you need to be corgi registered. However, to have this done it would cost an extra £79. My old cooker was rusty and the grill sometimes worked and sometimes did not.

Nevermind, he came but had to rush off to be with his wife who had her first chemotherapy session last week and did not feel well. He has a lot on his plate at the minute, but always looks unhappy. He seems to have changed since he has been married. He used to have such a lovely personality always joking on, but now he is so serious and never seems to talk much. You know I would love to have my kids back young again, even if it was only for a while go back in time.

Life goes over so quickly. I am sitting watching surprise surprise with Dougal who is in a huff. My dog always lies with his head between his paws when people go home from mine.

It is a shame for your son to do all that studying and not getting employment straight away. I feel so sad for the kids leaving school now. It is hard too for the school holidays. I know from experience trying to feed and entertain them does not come cheap. It was on tv just last week about a church minister teaching kids to cook with cheap ingredients. She also organised food for the food bank. Its shameful to think in this day and age there are so many food banks.

It is my birthday this Friday, which I try to tend to forget these days. My daughter wants to take me out for something to eat which will be nice. I enjoy small cafes, not restaurants. I dont believe in paying a lot for food.

One of my customers gave me a birthday card last week. He is in his early 80's and had written a poem for me inside. It said that he did not know if I was an angel or not but I was the nicest person he had met. I keep reading it over again, it is so lovely.

Well its raining here again.

Take care of yourself and try to get out with your friends

Karen xx


Hello again

I told you don't worry if you do not answer straight away, that does not matter. In fact as you grow older things that did matter, in the past don't seem important now. How lovely of your son taking you away with him. It must of been very hard going for you when he was younger. You have done tremendously well. Sounds like the NHS not to diagnose your son until he was older.

I did not go anyway with my daughter, as it would mean more expense, which I know she could not afford. My son unexpectedly came with his wife, and the two daughters. My youngest grandchild which I very rarely see, came running up to me in the garden, she is nearly two, and it was the third time she has been in my house. The last time my daughter in law was in my house, was when she was pregnant with her.

Kevin has still got his moon boot on, as he was told his foot was not healed properly. He had arthritis in his foot, and the hospital was supposed to fuse his bones together. However, this did not work, so he has been now given a machine to speed up the process of healing. To be honest, I think the hospital has messed up myself. However, saying that the reason why he ended up with arthritis, in the first place, was he was tip toeing through the river on stones once, when he slipped and went over on his foot. Men!

Do you struggle with depression? This I know from experience drains you of energy. I once was talking to someone who had fibromyalgia and she said that even if you have a good nights sleep you still wake up, as if you have not been to sleep. It is not so much tiredness, but lack of energy. I seem to have anxiety and spells of depression, where I have to force myself to talk to somebody and smile. I feel awful as I have such a nice life now, compared to what I had with my ex. It is like I am moaning.

You son seems to have grown up to a lovely person. And remember this is down to you!, his amazing mam.

I have just been to have a lie down this afternoon, now I probably not sleep tonight, well whats new. I remember reading a post on the site, from a lady saying she has been up since 4 am. It made me laugh in one way, as I know how she feels.

My daughter has met a new man, and they seem to getting on ok (early days yet).

I really enjoy talking to you, but if you ever feel you cannot be bothered it is honestly ok, I don't mind.

Well Kevin is watching his cowboys and indians, and I am going to try to do an extra few lines knitting. I am also going to try to watch a DVD on my computer. Me and Kevin are not very bright you know, and we seem to get all mixed up with the DVD player. I have Mrs Browns Boys. Apart from the swearing, I think he is funny.

I don't know about you, but I have very little concentration now, I seem not to stick at anything. Hopeless I am

Well you enjoy your break, it will be good for you both

Karen xx


You shouldn't put your emai address on the open forum for all to see. Everything you post on forum is visible to other members, for a private message you have to click on the person you want to message and on their profile page is a send message button.


I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue, and must admit that all pain killers make me feel drowsy. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck in finding the answers that you are looking for.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you


All people react differently to different drugs. Co-codamol makes me terribly sleepy, diclofenac I didn't notice any side effects, but also didn't notice any benefit from. I had a horrible reaction to amitriptyline, but no drowsiness. I've recently started tramadol, which I'm having (so far) no noticeable side effects at all, AND I've slept better than I have for a very long time.

Have you considered changing your doctor, if you dn't find him or her helpful?

Maybe even ask for a referral to the Pain Management Clinic. The pharmacist at my local clinic is amazing, and all the staff are so wonderfully understanding and sympathetic.


Yes thats a thought xxx


I have been taking Tramadol for a few years now and have not noticed any side effects. I have to say I take several other pain medication in addition due to the complex nature of my conditions. Amitriptyline didn't work for me. I was put on Fluoxetine, which leaves me spaced out with weird dreams if I manage to get some sleep. Like the others have said we react differently to medication. However, everyone that I know who is on Tramadol is OK with it. Maybe you can start on a low dose. If possible, see a different gp - had to do that to keep me sane. Good luck.



Many thanks for this xxx


For me, the first port of call should be your GP. If they do not listen and your practice has more than one GP then go to a different one.

If you have not done so already, keep a diary about your pain. Record what it is like on a daily basis on a scale of 1-10 where 10=agony. Make a note of what causes the pain to become worse, standing etc.

Try to get a diagnosis confirmed, if it is osteoarthritis then there needs to be a treatment plan.

If you suspect you have Fibromyalgia, ask for a referral to a Rheumatologist. They will make a diagnosis and then advice you of your options e.g. Medications, referral to a pain clinic etc.

On a psychological level, living with pain for a long period of time is debilitating. Make sure that you have someone to talk to who will understand and not judge. Most Doctor's surgeries can refer you on for counselling.

Finally and most importantly, if you are having a bad day then give yourself a break. Take it easy if you can. If things are not urgent then don't do them if possible.

I hope that my post will be of use to you.

Best regards,



Just to add you can claim DLA now PiP regardless of how much you work or earn as it is not means tested yet. Obviously working loads will not help your claim. Also 16 hours is a magical number in terms of you claiming working tax credits which can be a gateway to other benefits such as housing benefit and council tax relief and child benefit.

Know your rights 12 Billion goes unclaimed each year!


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