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General Covid virus post w/b 23/03


Updated fibro/covid info will be posted at

Please if you are wanting to talk about covid please discuss here.

Please check this post first:

Advice is to follow general government guidance i.e. hand washing and social distancing

fibro is not considered an autoimmune or neurodegenerative.condition. You may have another condition but this is where it is complicated. Majority of people that catch this go through it without going near a hospital. A lot get it and do not know it. But best advice is to not get it by following government advice..

BBC News - Coronavirus and ibuprofen: Separating fact from fiction -

Possibly it may help to speak about RISK....

What risks are we speaking about?

1. Risk of getting Covid19

2. Risk of negative effects of the virus if we get it

3. Risk or Death from it.

Our guidance is focussing on point 1 above which is generally on fibro alone we are not at a higher risk of getting the disease. But best to practice government advice and carry out social distancing. (This is not self isolation)

With number 3 - Risk of death, the risk profile is that 80% of people will not be hospitalised and some will be without symptoms.

Number 2 is the one that affects us most as stress and a virus or other thing going on with our bodies can amplify our fibro. So best not to get it. But if we do then we could also be without symptoms, have a cold level effect or a flu level effect for example.

However, panic and stress will definitely not help our fibro so lets keep risk in perspective and follow the general government advice and not over react either.

Unintended consequences can be very dangerous as well like not taking our meds or not resupplying etc. Be sensible and help one another.

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