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FMA UK Statement on the recent BBC Panorama documentary

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We posted this on social media yesterday but did not feature it here. As you can imagine it has received a lot of engagement. Please remember that political discussions on here are not allowed.

Regarding the disturbing panorama programme last night –

FMA UK have worked to improve training content that people working at the DWP use when considering people that are diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Therefore, we are shocked, dismayed and angry that there appears to be a culture of intolerance towards people with disabilities and specifically fibromyalgia. It certainly explains some of the stories that we receive on our helplines about people being mistreated at assessments. To hear from Charlotte within the DWP talking about the "cynical attitude" and them "not being empathetic towards certain illnesses." However, it was really shocking to hear comments like "another claim of fibromyarse." This is not acceptable on any level and is clear discrimination.

We would ask that the DWP respond to this mistreatment of people with fibromyalgia and reassess how training is applied so that people that are diagnosed with fibromyalgia are not dismissed out of hand before their individual situtation is considered. We are not looking for special treatment but we do expect to be treated fairly and assessed with compassion.

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This is outrageous discrimination that only serves to exacerbate the suffering of fibromyalgia sufferers.

With this level of ignorance perhaps they should all be tested for COVID-19!

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Hope you get a respond from them and hopefully helps people with fibromyalgia sadly it is not just the dwp I had it in the NHS physio said to me on way out your know here for your aches and pains soon as she seen my diagnosis I thought she changed ,, I've seen it over the years and looks etc at appointments etc, weather it is right or wrong if me to stand up for this illness ,I swapped the wording to the severe widespread pain and some treat you different, not with own docs etc ,new app with diff professions untill I can trust them, with that comment fibromyarse it does bring back memories for me

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Wow....I am shocked beyond belief, could not help but shed a few tears; I wish they knew about my everyday struggle. I am a scientist and do not wish to make up my illness with devastating effect on the quality of my life. This means we have to campaign more for the plight of fibromyalgia sufferers and perhaps approach channel 4 to run a documentary about us via FMA UK. Channel 4 is always sympathetic to the cause of charities. 🙏🏻🦋💙

These comments are discriminatory and judgemental. People seen or heard making such comments within an institution need reprimanding and retraining. I have not seen the programme but intend watching. People who are suffering and have had their lives turned around by Fibromyalgia only to find that official are laughing as soon as we turn our backs and are walking through the door, it is disgraceful and very upsetting to know people harbour doubts about our condition when it brings us an array of problems. It makes you wonder how widespread this attitude is generally. x

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Painny in reply to bobbybobb


It's an absolute disgrace but I can't say I'm that shocked after reading about people being discriminated on this forum.

I've just applied for pip the main reason is fibromyarse 😠

Too right, I believe we should have a hospital along with a treatment centre which is jointly managed by caring professionals and supervised by fibromyalgia patients.

I am genuinely heartbroken, the one who stigmatise

In my healthy days I used to do lots of charitable works and if I am honest I was disgusted by how they treated destitute, single parents, offenders, immigrants and yet they are the law makers.

My fibro has gone over the roof by hearing their inappropriate and biased comments.


Haven’t had time to watch. What’s the story in a nutshell?

If the DWP can't or won't apply the Equalities Act to their own disabled workers, what chance have we, the general run of sufferers?

Couldn't have put it better.

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