Well i have my decision on my dla, a big fat no.

Its an absoloute joke. They only received it on the 13th of may so surely they couldnt of had time to get doctors notes and send me a letter back in this short time of 18 days.

Well appeal it is then not sure if i am up to it but i will see what the lady from the me association says.

I am off to the whitehaven festival today and i am dreading it with all the crowds but i have to take my kids.

Hope evryone else is having a good day.

hugs, kel xxxx

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  • hi- sorry to hear that you have been turned down, I think they look for key words and assess straight away without medical evidence, you have got to appeal this decision and make them look at the medical evidence, don't give up that's what they want-hope things go well-julie51 :) xx

  • Thankyou julie,

    Its just so stressful isnt it. But i have the somone who helped me through the form so now i have to wait until i can phone her to see what the next step is. I just cant see how they could of wrote to my specialist and have a report back in this little time. I bet they havent.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • take care- hope it all goes well :) xx

  • i am sorry about that, its so unfair, i hope you will appeal, in the meantime have a lovely day.(hope its not too painful for you), you are a good mum.:) xx

  • Thanks susie, i am appealing, but need advice first off the lady who helped me so i have to wait until monday.

    I had a really bad day, crowds and standing just does nothing for sore legs and anxiety. The kids had a good time though thats the main thing.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hi jazher I left you a comment on diddle's blog about DLA that might be helpful xx

  • Thankyou, i have replied on diddles post xxxx

  • What did they give as the reason for refusal? Both times I had to appeal it was on the grounds that they hadn't contacted my doctor.

    If it's due to something you've answered it may be worthwhile checking your form for the wording you used as it may be that you need to clarify what you've written - with a lot of these things it unfortunately ain't what you say, it's the way that you say it!

  • Hi i havent asked yet as i need to phne the lady who helped me first, but i just know that they havent asked the doctors that i have put. I ts impossible to get reports that quick. I wasnt hopeful in getting it first time anyway so i will be appealing.

    thankyou, hugs, kel xxxx

  • It should state the reasons for refusal on the letter you got - I think that on mine they were on page 2.

  • I have had alook and it keeps saying that even though i am limited on what i can do i have plenty of support and can look after myself slowly ehhhh???

    It doesnt mention anything about doctors reports or none of the additional info i sent them at all. So i dont think they have contacted anybody.

    I didnt look at it properly when it came this morning. But it does state that i need help with somethings but i can manage it doesnt make sense.

    I will have to see whta the ME woman says about it.

    Thankyou, hugs, kel xxxx

  • It is chris, but it was expected so i need to find out what they have turned me down for.

    hugs, kel xxxxx

  • hopefully you will get somwhere with the appeal hun ,still cant believe they where that quick ,it normally takes weeks

    hugs xxxx

  • Hi Jazher, sorry to hear ur news, i no just how u feel hun!!! I actually had a friend that works at DWP to fill my form in, and last thing she said to me was "it all depends who's table it lands on"!!!!!!!! meanin if that person is in a bad mood then we got no chance. I've just had my tribunal hearing for DLA & ESA, paid for letters n forms from docs money i hadnt got spare, but i was told they wud help my case. I sat there bombarded with questions from a form a sent in from 2010 which was part of appeal just to be told at the end, "We have made our decision but im not telling u now ill put it in the post" how unfair, i felt so sick. :-( ive reapplied again for ESA and again strugglin to get it been told they wont even look at my form for at least 2 weeks and my money has been stopped again!!!! I rang for crisis loan 3 weeks ago told of situation man asked about any conditions told him, Fibro, servere depression, hemiplegic maigraines, 2 eggs tin beans n pizza in freezer, his reply was---"Dont think ur in any danger to ur self so no loan ring back next week"!!!!! And it same now money has been stopped again so have to ring tuesday if there open n beg again for money to try n survive. The way i feel i could just walk out the door n never come back, i feel usless n and a failure ive worked all my life never had to ask for nothin n bought 3 boys up on my own for the last 23 years n never had a penny from there dad. where is the justice in all of this??????? sorry ive gone on a bit, but feel good to get it off my chest as no1 understands aart from u guys xxxx sorry

    Really hope you have much better luck with yours Jaz xx

  • You get it off your chest.

    Its disgusting how people are being treated, how would dla people like to live on no money??

    I am so sorry you are being treated like this. How can they just stop your money, i just dont get it.

    I have a friend who is registered blind, but i know fine well she can see. She gets full dla and she works as a carerer in a old peoples home giving out medicines and other stuff. So how can someone like that get dla when i have told them i couldnt carry on working. It makes me so mad.

    I hope you get some money sorted quick.

    Sending you a big hug, kel xxxx

  • I'm sorry to hear that Kel, that's awful, they did the same to me for my esa, in March., they did'nt bother to write to the doctor and went on the doctors report from last year and it was only this Feb., that the Rheumy said I'd fibro, they are b...st...ds, that's the only name for them, and my doctor won't give reports out up front he insists they write to him and ask for them, must ask him again about that actually, I appealed straight away when they took my support element off me. a few days after my appointment with the esa doctor, and the baskets still have'nt got back to me. We should all lobby our respective governments with complaints about our treatments., better luck next time Kel,

    Luv my babies, contact everyone and ask for some support with it, do you have a social worker?, don't know how to get one myself, think they are attached to health centres, but it was always believed that they were good to have behind you, when you were looking for anything, must get one myself, actually, go to cab they will badger the dole and get a payment for you, they are all a shower of b........ and I'm sure everyone here will agree with me, so sorry to hear of your plight, please stay strong do you have no one anywhere that can help you now, why not ring emmer., services (sally anne or St V De Paul, and they will give you something at least you won't go hungry, God love you)

    Take care

    and stay strong love best wishes Claire xxxxx

  • I actually cant wait to phone them and find out why.

    I applied last year and they turned me down as they didnt even ask my gp, it was somone i had never seen. But i have got worse since then so i have tried again. Last time i only had dx of fibro. Now i have fibro, Me, hypermobility syndrome, underactive thyroid and hashimotos disease and vitamin d and calcium deficiencys.

    I know it doesnt go on what you have but surely they can see that i just cant do much with having all these wrong with me.

    hugs, kelxxxx

  • sorry to hear they turned you down. i do think they automatically turn down so many claims without even fully looking into them. My original claim back in 1994 i think it was, i was still working at the time but was struggling to walk, i asked for a review, they did and awarded it for like. that was just the mobility part. now next year they will start reviewing the life awards and again turn people down. Keep pursuing your claim it and hopefully you will get the award you deserve.

    good luck hugs roz xx x

  • Thankyou roz, I will follow it through this time. I didnt have the strength to follow through with it, but now i have more things wrong and more specialists behind me. I will let you all know how i get on.

    hugs, kel xxxx

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