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turmeric / black pepper

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I am sure this has been asked and answered but .....

My homeopathist has recommended the above combination for pain relief

is she correct? does it work?

Ann xx

PS happy holidays everyone, as I bask here in the rain of Southern Spain

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I have tried turmeric as supposed to help but never black pepper, that’s interesting, if you read my post I have just posted I’m open to suggestions right now. Sun is out but still chilly. Have a good weekend. Xx

the supplement she gave (sold) me is a mix of turmeric and black pepper - i start at tea time so i have no idea yet

let's see if anyone else has ''reviews''

Me - working all weekend so weather no problem but it puts paid to doing the washloads that are lined up ....

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YASMINTINAFMA UK Volunteer in reply to oldwomaninpain

Ironing is not one of my favourite jobs, well I hope the Sunshine comes out when you are of work x

ironing? what's that? I brought my iron and ironing board over from UK 7.5 years ago, they are still in the garage! the ironing board has been used as a table for raw food on BBQ days but not really done a proper BBQ since OH passed 6 years ago.

Apparently the black pepper helps your body absorb the turmeric. I bought some the other day and that's what the lady in the health shop said. 😊

thanks for that

It helps to add either olive or coconut oil to the turmeric and black pepper. This makes the ingredients more active apparently. Long been a recipe in animals for joint and flammatory conditions.

the tablets come in a 'gel' coating, should I shake out the 'powder' onto a teaspoonful of my home grown extra virgin 2018 vintage olive oil? would that make it more potent? sorry to sound vacant here

I have only ever added the two ingredients to my meals separately before

I'm not sure as I used the powdered variety and I tried it just in yogurt before to mask the taste, as I didn't like it, as per instructions. Having done a training session on pain control in animals we were instructed that black pepper and oil were needed to activate the turmeric which is probably why putting it in yogurt didn't work, obviously my doctor didn't do the same training session or humans don't need it activated! Have a look on the web to see what others do - someone out there must have the answers. Hope it brings you some relief.

cheers, will do

I used to feed my horse turmeric for his arthritis and I was told it was very important to add freshly ground black pepper to his feed that had the turmeric in, he loved it and it did seem to help.

if it helps a horse then it should help a human, neigh? xx :) I look forward to some pain relief through natural rather than chemical products

Yes definately. If it was in the horses feed presumably we can put it in our meals , with the oil , soup or salad maybe or stew even . K

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Horsesgalore in reply to KTGard

Sounds like a sensible plan, like an idiot I've not tried turmeric even though I know it helped my horse George, how daft is that! Although I am currently trying high strength rose hip capsules.

Hi if you look up Ayurvedic remedies for pain and inflammatory conditions, turmeric or haldi as it is known in indian language is a well known herb used for generations. I grew up with my mum giving me hot haldi milk, this used to be her 1st go to remedy for any ailments we had.

I now do use fresh turmeric - make it into paste add it to boiling milk(1/2 tspn)

With a tspn of honey to make it palatable.

We all know honey has it’s own healing properties too.

Hope this helps


thanks for the reply

I would have to adapt the recipe somehow because I am vegan which cuts out the milk and honey

after 3 months of taking the combination of T&BP daily the pain level has not been altered but the painful trapped wind has lessened so I guess there has been some good effect

Try almond milk or coconut milk and instead of honey you can add sugar or gaggery- or goor as we call in in hindi. It is pure sugar made from sugarcane.

It's worth a try , I've been taking turmeric with ginger in hot water for arthritis, supposed to be good for the inflammation ., hope it helps

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oldwomaninpain in reply to

thanks, will add ginger to my list - I have fresh ginger that I grate into food a lot

There is a recipe that you can use ginger, mint, and lemon rind or orange rind ( the essential oils come n the rind has powerful healing properties and taste yummy) and make tea with it or infuse it and it as a cooling drink on sunny summer days with ice. It is awesome and really refreshing!


You should Google...chilli flakes for pain relief your be amazed what comes up.

Good luck

Take care




did just that and got ''Many studies have shown that capsaicin effectively reduces pain from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia'' as a first response

Splendid stuff, really I don't care if it's psychosomatic relief so long as it works

my soups and smoothies will have a slightly different flavour from now on

cheers for advice

Ann xx

You go girl..😘

Yes.The black pepper is essential to use in combination with the turmeric and yes it chemically combines so your body can absorb the good stuff. I think this takes persistence.I Took it everyday.It needs to establish itself for best effect. It settles the tummy as well solving some of the issues of IBS, fermenting gut and should help other inflammation issues.good luck.

brill, so perhaps the awful wind I get might dissipate too

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KTGard in reply to Gilloart

Thankyou , i have stomach problems too. K

Hi, the Turmeric User Group on Facebook is a useful and helpful group to join. It’s the original group, started by Australian vet, Doug English. They can advise on any contradictions with any other drugs you might be taking as they have excellent medically trained admins. You can take the golden paste yourself and give it to your animals.

They have a recipe for golden paste. It’s a mix of cooked turmeric with added coconut oil and freshly ground black pepper. Must be freshly ground pepper. It will keep in the fridge for up to two weeks.

thanks, will investigate FB


Hi oldwomaninpain,I use tumeric,ginger and garlic along with supplements also Apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses.

From oldmaninpain

ACV in my diet but not molasses- what does that help you with?

Hi contain copper,iron ,chromium and calcium handy for adding to porridge .good luck

I must try that, cheers

Forgot to say mindfulness meditation before I had spinal stenosis I was able to go deep into meditation and forget about pain ,just read up about astral projection first ,no worries but bit alarming if you don’t know what is happening or just keep it simple then no problems.


I have heard the turmeric works dont know about the black pepper

The homeopathist told me the turmeric won't work without the black pepper as it won't absorb.

that's what mine said too

I used black pepper essential oils whenever I did a blend I needed for anti inflammatory clients, it has a very warming properties x

I've just bought some, the person who recommended them tells me it's helped her. Apparently the black pepper helps the body absorb the turmeric. At this stage I must admit I'll give anything a try.

try anything is my motto too, at the moment

look after yourself

have a good Easter break

Ann xx

I bought turmeric with black pepper and copper and manganese on Monday. I've taken one a day with my main meal. My pain had improved this year and I weaned off Gabapentin. Last week my pain returned with avengence and the turmeric supplement has done the trick. I'm a bit gobsmacked to be honest.

if it really works that fast it would be wonderful, I'm only on day 2 so I shall wait and see

I am glad you have had success

best wishes

Ann xx

I used to buy turmeric, coconut oil and pepper already made fresh in a jar from goldenpastecompany.co.uk and put it into silicone trays in small tablet sizes, freeze then once frozen put in a tub in freezer then take one in a morning and one at night and it worked wonders for me!

You can add it into foods, drinks or just take it frozen with a drink like a tablet 😃. Xx

thanks for this - I will see whether they deliver to Spain

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