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Awful pain


Hi i have athrits in my knees hips spine wrist and my neck ive also got carpel tunnel and last year was diagnosed with fybro so ive got double the pain some morning's when i wake up i dont know were i hurt the most some times i have to laugh other times i could cry but i have to get on with life otherwise i wouldnt be able to function after been up a while and had my medication life is a little better

I dont want to sound has though im moaning cos im not i try to just get on with it but some days it does put me in bed does anyone else suffer or got any new idea's

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Hi Queenielot,

I don't really have any ideas but wanted to say hello.

We all deal with the pain in our own way but I've found that since taking life much much slower and learning to say 'no' my pain has been more manageable. I sometimes wake in the night unable to move but somehow just knowing it's all down to fibro and arthritis, I no longer worry about it.

Take care, keep smiling and I hope 2019 is good to you.

Big hugs

Sue x

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Aw thank you ive got to say its awful isnt it but im starting to take things one step at a time but you do get frustrated i wake in the middle of the night and when i can move i do get up and try to walk the stiffness of but yes your right slowley slowley

Hugs and happy New year to you

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