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In despair with head pain

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anyone with long term chronic left sided unrelenting head, neck, shoulder and back pain. also nausea and upset stomach. suffering 30 years but diagnosed fibromyalgia 10 years ago. Nothing has helped and two years ago had two bad falls, hitting head and been far worse since then. Nothing takes pain away. Given up now on meds as no benefit and not worth the side effects. Waking in night with horrendous burning all over body. Now thinking I am having a stroke, or brain haemorrhage, or even a tumour. Know my anxiety is in the red zone but don't know where to go for help next. Feel so ill convinced I am dying but family don't show any concern and I am sure doc thinks I am a hypochondriac. Only support from DH who sees the state I am in 24/7 but he has just been diagnosed with dementia and doesn't know what to do to help anyway.

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I had pains in the same location. They were there continually but would suddenly come on so severely I dropped to the floor on occasions. It turned out to be a misplaced facet joint in my neck that had trapped a nerve & blood vessel. It was diagnosed & treated by an osteopath. Hope you find a way to ease your pain.

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Wow what a horrible time your going thru hun..can I ask if you have seen a neurologist or a rheumatologist?? Somtimes alternative therapies are good,I've had acupuncture to various areas with good effect,it is available on NHS now..nobody should be left in so much distressing pain,,I have presented at A&E twice in 17 years for help and it has been given, I have gone home almost pain free but deffo my head pain was settled,there is an I.v infusion that sorts out head pains but a neurologist has to prescribe it.insist on being seen tell your gp you need to referred as your pain will drive you over the edge,that usually opens doors to get help..

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