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Fibromyalgia - specialist in manchester/chester/liverpool - desperately needed

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Good Morning,

I am looking for a specialist for my mother who is a long term sufferer of Fibro. It has gotten to the point where the pain and debilitating lifestyle has gotten too much for her. Unfortunately, like many people, she has been fobbed off by the system following years of lost test results/xrays etc. and now they have taken the only thing that worked for her off the list at her local GP (Although available other places). For many years she has tried to avoid drugs and use herbal/natural methods of pain relief. But she has been lost to the NHS like many people and left to it. I am desperate to get her to a specialist privately.

Can anyone recommend any specialists in the areas specified that have good knowledge and experience with Fibromyalgia?

Thank you in advance.

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I found a doctor Theresa Barns at the Countess of Chester hospital to be very good. Hope that helps x

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