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My doctor thinks that i may have Fibro, I am still a long way from an official diagnosis but its something.

I am still in a lot of pain on a daily basis and unless I can just lay on the sofa and walk around the house like a sloth this is the case as well as daily headaches. I currently take 2x 400mg Ibuprofen 4/5x a day and 2x Paracetamol (normal strength) 4/5x a day. The problem is that I don't feel that the pain is going, the painkillers take the edge off so that I can go to work but it is not a life I want to lead.

This brings me down and I already have depression. I feel like my mood is getting worse and I just don't want to do anything.

Unfortunately my doctor won't give me stronger painkillers (don't know why) and wants me to "persevere" with my anti-depressants.

Thank you for listening.

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Hi Maddie21 and a warm welcome to the FMA UK community. And while you may not have a full diagnosis, at least you have an idea of what it might be.

Please make yourself familiar with the community guidelines and you can also find further information on fibromyalgia on our website

Regarding pain relief, many people get no or limited relief from traditional pain medication, are are extra sensitive to side effects. This is because fibromyalgia pain is due to disordered sensory processing of pain signals and not physical injury or damage.

Anti inflammatory medications are not generally used because there is no inflammation in the muscles or joints. Tramadol may help some for pain relief, often taken in conjunction with Paracetamol. Strong opiods are not recommended as they are not as effective for chronic pain.

Meds such as amitryptilene, gabapentin or Pregabalin are used regularly for fibromyalgia due to their ability to ease neuropathic/nerve pain and amitryptilene can also help with sleep.

Non medication pain management techniques can help to manage pain... Pacing, heat, meditation, complementary therapies, mindfulness, distraction etc are all ways you can help yourself. Xxx

Thank you this is really helpful

Hazel_AngelstarAdministrator in reply to Maddie21

Also trying to keep moving as much as you can.... Even if it is only walking about the house and doing regular small stretches of main muscle groups.

Sitting /lying causes increased stiffness which leads to increased pain xxx

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain Maddy. My gp and rheumatologist refused to give me anything until I was diagnosed and over the counter medication didn’t touch the pain.

I found a tens machine useful for my legs. Hot bath with Epsom salt in and microwave heat pads. My latest buy is an electric shawl that helps with neck and shoulder pain. Hope you get some answers and medication soon 😀😀

Ive found I've had to think outside the box for fibro pain. The only painkiller that takes the edge off my pain is soluble paracetamol and I take cocodamol when desperate.

I've found a tens machine helps, hot water bottles, an electric blanket on my bed and in the winter I have another on the sofa with a fleece throw over it.

You could try reading Dr Sarah Myhill's website, I've experienced less pain since I've taken the 4 supplements she recommends. I also take hemp seed oil daily.

For the worst headaches I use CBD oil from CBD Brothers.

Sometimes it's a case of finding several things that help the pain a little and hopefully they add up to make a difference.

Pain is the story of our lives, it is how we deal with it as an individual that determines our levels.

My diagnosis made me cross since I had never heard of Fybromyalgia and wanted to know how the heck I had got it. Who had given me this God awful condition.

This very mature lady Rheumatalogist, head of department started talking about my next steps and Ime in a blur, my mind racing around trying to play catch up.

Research and more research, change you life style, eating habits, like no additives, caffeine. Get cognitive therapy. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol. I hobbled out of her office laden with blurb on paper and totally disorientated. What the heck has just happened.

Once home and within a few days hit my computer hard....Information, information and more information. Geez is there no end to this condition.....?

Within a few weeks, I changed a lot of my everyday life, ime not saying ime a saint but you do have to make changes. Food, eat as much organic as you can afford. Cook all your own food. It’s a way of life not a diet but it did help my pain levels. I even made my own bread and grew some tomatoes but didn’t eat loads as there is a chemical in them that doesn’t like fybro just like caffeine doesn’t. Keep your body moving as much as you can so you don’t seize up. Keep your job, its your brain that also needs to keep moving...Ime 63 and still learning. I refuse to go quietly 😀. I have learnt also that the guys on here are also a mine of info...We are all here to help our fellow pain people...May the universe smile on you today and everyday in your quest....Warmest regards Maxine

Oooops forgot meds...😀

Started 10mg Amitriptyline, then 20mg. Finally 30mg per night which has stabilised my sleep patterns to at least half the week so ime happy with that and the fact they actually work for me. Paracetamol on their own no use, used with ibuprofen a little depending where the pain is. But have to take tummy protection like Zantac with ibuprofen. Cocodamol30/500 is my go to if it gets out of control but ime an old hippy so will defo resort to a little naughty and then the pain will just slip away. Come on you Governments get us the scripts so we don’t have to resort to breaking the rules.

Hi, I think your GP needs to assess the amount of paracetamol you are taking. Very dangerous.

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