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Hi hi I swap untideprsents in the past ended up in a dark place.i was told this was smdrome. I just warp again worried sick in case it happens again.my doctor took me off 100mg.sercherline.and just gave me 7 50mg for a week put me on dulotine 60mg and pregabale.up to 75 mg morning and night. Just worried about Chang over was about near this time month after coming off it started.

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Hi there although we all suit different meds my experience was that sertraline didn’t suit me but the duloxtene has helped for anxiety/fibro so I’m sticking with this I found after a month finishing sertraline being weened off and on to duloxtene I really started to feel my old self again, try not too worry but if you feel you need help ring doctors surgery for advice or an appointment. If you can try when you are resting watching your favourite tv programmes or listening to music (i did relaxation music and closed my eyes after a bath each night was soothing, ) reading a book ? Just doing some restful things at the end of your day. Hope the change of meds helps ,also chatting to members on the forum with people that can relate does help, if you would like to lock your post/posts here is a link healthunlocked.com/fibromya..., gives more privacy so only our commminity can see, take care x


Hi can I just ask .I was on 100mg.i was drop down to 50mg just for 7days.how long did they wean you off?

Hi I drop from 100 mg to take just7 50mg tablets.were you wean off longerx


I think I understand your worries,,IF you get unpleasant side effects or feel your meds are not suiting you,there is alwAys A&E to help you if your gp is closed..

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If GP is closed and you need advice on medications out of hours you should not go to A&E as for emergencies or minor injuries. Better to speak to either your local pharmacist or ring out of hours 111 for advice. :) You should only visit A&E if you are distressed or need medical intervention for any mental health issues. Hope this helps :)

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Agree 100% Mdaisy . A & E is for emergencies, and not a stand in for your GP's surgery when it is closed. I think you have walk in centres over there, and also 111? (It's different here in N. Ireland, as we have what's called Dr on Call when our GP surgeries are closed). x

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