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Fibromyalgia pip review


Have you had your review yet. I've just sent mine off. Sorry my name Rich I'm just so worried about everything and I just really don't want a face to face. I was in hospital for pneumonia and they never give me a cov19 test. Do you know how long it takes as with all this going on I'm sorry for asking just really need some help. Many thanks Rich.

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Hi hopefully your fine

The f2f are still over the phone just now

With everything going on you should have a good chance of not getting an assessment

Delboy1977 in reply to Ajay575

Well I've had 2 so far I've had fibromyalgia now for 3 year and I've got copd, DVT, and on a lot of medication. It's hard for us all that got it but trying to explain to them is so hard as we all know. Doctor told me he can't give me anymore or try different meds. I was told the waiting time 18 weeks it's just so depression is more and more same for us all. Thank you it help reading all the posts on here. Many thanks Rich.

Ajay575 in reply to Delboy1977

Yeh it is not good to hear specially with your copd etc

Some claimants get this time after time after time

Hopefully not this time

If so time to look at forms next time

Hopefully your fine this time

With this coronaviris there does seem to be a wee bit more better results just now

Delboy1977 in reply to Ajay575

Yes let hope so after having pneumonia again I really don't want a face to face.

And I love to be off all the medication I'm on but we all must look positive as there more people out there worse off then what I am. I have been thinking about changing my GP just the get a second opinion I will just wait it out now thanks again Rich.

angelm54 in reply to Delboy1977

I’ve just had my review form, they had extended mine to next June but I’ve just turned pensioner age so I’m hoping for the 10 year light touch this time, over time I had 5 f2f , hated every one, having to prove how ill you are, good luck !

YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer

I hope you are starting to pick up gradually from being in hospital, some kind advice from ajay, yes I agree really hard with current times and trying to keep our chins up, surprised you never had a Covid test , take care of your self.

Hi rich I had my telephone appointment today I was crying by the end it was too much I got myself so worked up. I was lucky to get the appointment due to a cancellation just phone and ask if there is a cancellation and if they can fit you in. I am here if you need me x

Yes it's so hard and I live by myself only have my sister and daughter that come and help me out. I've called them and they have told me there a long list but as we all know they don't know how the fibromyalgia effects us all as it hard to explain to them how your body is in so much pain. Thank you all for the feedback as it help me knowing we are not alone. Xx

Hi I had my review forms in late August returned sept and had a phone assessment on 28 sept

Received a text on the 5 October that they received my report decided not to request it and received reward letter on the 13 October decision was made on the 6 th October enhanced on both for an ongoing period 10 years Iv no specialists input after original diagnosis and only sent repeat prescription list ,my first pip award was for 3 years so delighted with new one so there is hope for everyone good luck x

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