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Constant smoke smell


New to this ...

Wonder if anyone can give me any advice - for about 6 weeks now I've been getting a strong smoke smell - which has increased in frequency I normally get it late afternoon / evening but then today it's been present all day - I went to see the GP who said all my sinuses were clear and that it was down to stress - now yes the past two months I've been working on a big project at work which then over the last three weeks was a mad rush working 60/70 hours a week - but the smell has stuck around some days it's so strong it makes me feel sick

Worried about a brain tumour GP said it was just stress ??!!!

Help and advice greatly appreciated xxx

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I'm not sure about the smoke smell. All I can offer is that with the onset of fibro my senses have been ultra sensitive sound and smell in particular but also bright light. Could you be getting the smell of a colleague or friend's clothes?

Best wishes

Patrick x


Thanks Patrick it's really odd it can happen anywhere and at any time it is so strong it makes me feel sick x


I get the burning smell to especially in the evening burning rubber strong smell makes me feel sick.


How long have you had it ?


Did you go to GP


No I have not told my gp.I was diagnosed with fibro last year.I have had the smell for a long time 15 years I would say .Its Allways in the late Evening when I get the very strong burning rubber smell .


Sorry I am new on here and first time I have posted on here.Was interested when I seen the post about burning smell .As I to have had that symptom for a long time now.


Morning Lh2112

I cannot say I have experienced this myself but definitely have multichemical sensitivity ie sensitive to smells, light, noise etc , which seems to be a common occurrence with members here in the community.

I see you have visited your GP, who seems to think it could be down to stress. The NHS Choice website below gives information for possible reasons and also mentions that if it continues to seek medical advice.


So maybe, if it carries on it might be worth considering going back to see your GP.

I hope this helps :)

Emma :)


Would definiatly go back to the Dr as it is continuing and there is no reason for it like someone else said you are not picking it up from someone who smokes and it happens all the time do get it checked out please.

Love & Hugs


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Hello hun only just seen your mesg- I often get this problem, its related to my nose, because I have sjorgrens my nose has no nasal secretions to keep it moist, its often very dry and only gets wet during a cold, the tissue inside my nose is red raw. when I go outside the elements really get to me and I have to cover up my nose to avoid it dripping, I often have sores in my nose (I,m not a nose picker honest)! Smelling smoke is one of the symptoms, it drove me crazy for months so much so I had my hob changed to one with a timer that switches it self off similar my oven, with fibro i often doze off! You dont have to be diagnosed with sjorgrens to experience this, I moisten my nasal passages and my ears for dryness , as for brain activity our minds play tricks on us, try vaseline on the end of a cotton bud, dont go too far just twirl it around the inside and see if it subsides that way.


Thank you I will give that a try x

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Hi I had the same thing a while back for weeks then it just went away it was horrible I know how you feel .

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