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Fibromyalgia and PIP claim and appeal


Hi can anyone with fibromyalgia help with some advice. My daughter has suffered this awful illness for 2years. She applied for PIP and was turned down and appealed. The appeal date was today and has been adjourned for more medical evidence and they want to see her medical records. I am thinking of getting a solicitor to help or does anyone have any other ideas. She paid for a report from her GP and he put 2 Words on the form...fibromyalgia....pain... and that was it. Any help/advice would be gratefully received. Thank you.

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Hi in this position I would maybe join benefits and work only £20 they do help lots in your position etc .and concentrate more on the help and care and mobility and not to much on diagnosis .AND USE THE WORDS SEVERE WIDESPREAD AND LONG TERM PAIN if you can and try not forget the tenderness .sleep problems and fatuige

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Hi Ajay

Benefits & Work are a good site full of information but before joining I would strongly urge this member 12Flowerpot to contact the FMAUK Benefits Advisor as FMAUK are a member of B&W. :)

Emma :)

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PM'd you :)


Welcome to the FMAUK Community 12Flowerpot ! :)

Sorry to hear your Daughter is having all these stress trying to claim benefits that she is eligible to receive and this has impacted on the symptoms plus worrying you as a parent. Many people come here and say that the system is not working and how they've experienced issues claiming too - not that this helps you but you're not alone and member here will be able to talk to you about their experiences which may help I hope :)

I would also as mentioned above consider speaking with the Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK) Benefits Advisor, all contact information can be found in the post below;

Also as a newbie I noticed your post isn't locked to this community only and I know members prefer it to be locked - this will generate more replies. If you wish to lock it, all information again is in the link below;

I wish you and your Daughter all the very best with the tribunal and I sincerely hope you get the right decision

Emma :)

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Thank you for the advice I will lock my posts. Not a very tech person 😀 I will also tell my daughter to speak to FMAUK. Thank you again

Hello 12Flowerpot ,

Can your daughter enlist the help of a less abrupt doctor or get another health professional to support her claim? I had wonderfully kind , and very thorough help from my local citizens advice bureau with my recent application for pip.

I was told on the pip helpline that they very rarely talk directly to your doctor but prefer to base their decision on how you answer the different descriptors on how you disability affects you in your daily life?

I really hope you get a positive outcome for your daughter. From my experience, the CAB should be able to help you assess how many points you are likely to be able to achieve from your answers and will have expertise in how to appeal.

Good luck and best wishes

Thank you 😁


I could recommend the citizens advice bureau who filled in forms for my daughter who has MS. Also the benefit is not for a specific illness but for how the claimant is affected in daily life. So I would also refer you back to other advice given above. It’s not an easy task and you have my sympathy in it all The very best of luck

Thank you 😀

It is important to describe your daughters condition ON HER WORST DAYS. Hope this helps!

Thank you 😀

That’s the best advice I forgot about that

I used benefits and work guides but had support and feedback from fight back for justice found on Facebook. I did Vip for two months. Well worth it in my opinion if i had needed to appeal I would have used them to represent me.

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Yeh the 2 of them are very good highly recommended

I used fight back for justice too and their guides were brilliant I was successful on my mandatory reconsideration. I wish you all the best it’s so daunting being in this position and I don’t think the DWP realise that if we could have our lives back and not go through this appalling system we would do so in a heartbeat......

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There is not a lot who win MR too

A Solicitor will be a waste of money as virtually none understand the intricacies of the benefits system. A medical report will be of far more value, as long as it covers the PIP daily living activities and mobility activities, rather than just being a medical diagnosis. PIP is about what you can and can't do, not what's wrong with you. Full details can be found here:

That is a good link for people to read for info. Could you answer a query for me regarding someone asking for advice about appeal or accept said they got 11 points for mobility 1 point of enchanched rate with advice .I was thinking is the medical report wrong can you get 11 point on mobility ? any advice would help

No you can only get combinations of 4, 8, 10 or 12 points on mobility. 11 points is possible on Daily Living though.

Thanks I thought that and said that. the report states 11 points on mobility .yeh you can on care thanks very much for advice

I had to go to appeal and like your daughter I was so anxious about it, and angry that it had got to this stage as I feel your just having to prove yourself and your illness all the time,but I was plesantely surprised they made me feel at ease and they had a person who has knowlege of fibromyalgia,on the panel then a judge and a doctor, they all asked you a few questions and all I can say is be honest and tell them exacetly how bad it can get dont worry if you get upset as they can see how this has got you having someone that has knowledge of your illness helps and I think they should have this at you face to face assesement wishing you all the best and by the way I won my appeal and am now having to go to my next appeal as they doing this process every 2 years,I am really sick of having to prove my illness again and again especially when there no cure for it but this is what they want us to do give up and I am not going to I will fight it all the way

I’m not sure how to send a private message because I want to reply to you to help you and give some guidance with this long form. Even though it’s a long and detailed form I just love filling in forms, and I’m quite good at it lol even if I do say so myself 🖊📄📄

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