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pip appeal


hi everyone was wondering if anyone has any advice for my as my appeal is next week and I feel sick with nerves xxx that's pip appeal x

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Loose the nerves and tell them how it is!

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thanks ray x

I have never been through anything of this nature myself, but I would be honest and be yourself. Let them know how you are on the worst days and not the better days. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


ahhh thank you ken xx

I prepared for mine by knowing PIP discriptors inside out. Mine had a Judge, a Doctor and a disability expert the one side the table and me the other. It was like being questioned for 40 minutes non stop in an inquisatory manner aka Judge Rinder. I came out feeling id been slapped by a wet fish but I won my appeal and wish you good luck with yours. Prepare and read the PIP assessment guide at gov.uk/government/uploads/....

thank you so much for that you are very kind xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I wish you all the best, be prepared and write everything down including exactly how it affects you physically and emotionally etc. I am yet to be brave and apply for pip. please don't let them intimidate you. x

thank you xxxxxx I will let you know how it goes xx

Hi Netty berry I know the feeling well, fightback have lots of great advice and tips about how to prepare for the appeal and what to expect along with other notes and tips regarding benefits. Good luck with your appeal and take note of any trick questions and tactics which are mamny to catch you out.

Hi yes they have started to inform claimants if they do not think their claim, will stand up at the tribunal. Fightback who are on Facebook and also have a forum can help you with appeals and they also offer a form completions service for a small suggested donation which helps them to keep up and running as they are unfunded. They also have lots of great advice and tips about esa/dla/pip and anything to do with welfare.

facebook.com/FightBack4Justice forum: fightback.boards.net Hope it all works out ok for you.

facebook.com/FightBack4Justice forum: fightback.boards.net

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thank you sherbet for taking the time to reply xxxx don't know what I will do if I don't get it as its getting almost impossible to work full time x will have look on that site xx

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