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Anyone had any luck finding anything for an energy boost?


Just wondering if any of you have come across anything that would give an energy boost. I have tried magnesium, ribose, ginseng, gurana, cq10 and a dozen more I cannot even remember - all to no avail. It's the 21st century and I feel there just has to be something to take to get enough energy to do chores. Thanks :-)

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Hello, like you I have also tried many supplements including coenzyme Q10, ribosome and magnesium. Like you, none have improved my energy levels. The only thing that works for me is pacing myself and taking regular rest breaks. Sorry I can't suggest a "magic cure", I wish I could :)

Thanks for the response -I just feel that one day someone will find something for those of us who so desperately need that boost :-)

Have you had an iron blood test to check your level. I was low on iron and had an iron infusion. I'm also on a multi vitamin, folic acid, thiamine and B12 injections monthly. These are all GP prescribed. I do take magnesium at night mainly for leg cramp and that seems to work.

Hi Lindy, yes, I've had a blood test done a few times now and they cannot find any deficiencies with anything :-(. I, too, get the worst leg cramps and I find that Quinine from the doctor works wonders.

Hi Asheley, I too tried all sorts of supplements for my fibro but to no avail. It was costing me a fortune, but I wanted to help myself. There isn't a magic cure at all except keeping mobile - easier said than done as I use two crutches now as my mobility has worsened over the year. But, I drink a drink called MOA (mother of all), I take it in the morning 50mls and if need to, then another 50mls in the afternoon. I didn't think I was going to get any energy back at all. Not only that it has helped with my Depression and Anxiety and dulled down some of my fibro pain...I can't get enough of this drink. It provides 36 superfoods all filled with the nutrients and vitamins that our body requires. It does have a peppery taste to it, but you get used to it. Hope you feel better soon. Jacquie xxx

Hi Jacquie, Many thanks for that. I'm currently taking the "The Little Yellow Pill" LYP - amongst many other supplements. I haven't heard of MOA, but I will look into it for sure. So sorry to hear you are using crutches to help you. I'm happy to hear the MOA has helped with the depression and anxiety - who needs that on top of all our other stuff!!

I'm so sure there will be a cure for our condition, I think if I didn't I would be so much worse off mentally. Wishing you well and take care, Ashley xxx

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