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Having only been diagnosed with fibro 15 months ago, I'm interested to know what medication others have been prescribed?

My doctor has given me Tramadol (100 mg) and Amitriptyline (50mg) to take each night to try to help me get a decent night's sleep. Doesn't work too well and pain, mostly in my hips, wakes me every two hours or so. Is anyone taking other drugs that have worked well for them?

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If you haven't seen it already, this information may help:


I am on duloxetine 90 & amitriptyline 10 also for pain naproxen 500 which really help try glucosamine & cod liver oil for joint pain its worth a try


hi i am on gabapentin and Amitriptyline 75mg at night some time's i get a good night sleep but most nights not due to pain in hips .xx


Hi Gill, I've had fibro for over 5 years now (diagnosed) I was given amitriptyline, but that just gave me bad rages - ask your dr to try co-codamol (it's a mixture of codeine and paracetamol) for the pain, its fairly strong and may help with your sleep of a night, also have you tried cutting out caffeine in your drinks - I switched to de-caff tea and coffee which really helped with my sleep. I am also on naproxen (which is an anti-inflammatory) gabapentin (which helps with any nerve pain) fluexatin (which is an anti depressant) when my back is really bad and my sciatica is playing up, I also use a stick on heat patch which really helps. I also have to use a body pillow at night to help with my knee and hip pain.

I hope any of this helps, it's basically just a question of trying different things to see which helps your pain.

Take care, gentle hugs xx


Hi, I cut out caffeine a long while ago and my problem with codeine is that I immediately become badly constipated if I take it. I want to get off Amitriptyline as I think it is that causing me to pile on weight. It has been suggested to me that using a tens machine for an hour a day on each hip might help. Have you tried that? Thanks for your helpful advice :-)


Hi, quite a few of the meds that I have to take causes constipation, but, my dr gives me these little sachets called Laxido - they are amazing, they taste vile (salty orange) but they work really well, without causing any stomach cramps, I only need to take 1 sachet every few weeks.

I am also on a Butrans patch (yet another pain killer) that I have to wear for a week at a time (this is a diamorphine patch) which also really helps with pain.

I did try a tens machine but that caused me more pain!!

It is definately worth having a chat with your dr to see if they can come up with a medicine/pain relief that works best for you.

Even all the meds that I am on, still doesn't take away all of the pain (especially in the winter) but it makes it more manageable.

I hope some of my advice helps :-)

Gentle hugs xx


Hi Tinkz2007

Can you explain to me what a body pillow is? I think it may be of help to me. At presesnt I am in severe pain with my lower back, hip, groin & shooting pains up my legs. I sometimes find it so hard to get comfortable & it causes me sleep problems.

I did get a topper for my matress, Memory Foam is the name of it. It has helped me a bit but would love to hear about a body pillow.

I googled it & am getting back pillows for pregnant mums to br.

Thank you

Luv & Hugs

Jac xx


Hi gill I've had fybro for over 14 years now I would agree with everything all ready stated above you have to just try things to see what works best for you. I am on Topirimate which is an epileptic drug its controversial and a lot of drs don't like prescribing it but mine did after I did my own research (look on American research sites) I don't get on well with ampitriptilene as I hate the hang over effect. But if I can't sleep I take long lasting diclofenic 75mg which stops my hips hurting at night and allows me to sleep. It is a case of trial and error and a lot of patience!The heat pads are brill I use the £1 shop ones just as good even the period pain ones all do the same job and hell of a lot cheaper. Take care x x



Can you explain to me what a body pillow is? Many thanks.

Luv & Hugs



Hi JusJac

A body pillow is a long pillow that you rest on when your trying to sleep like the ones used in pregnancy i have one they just release a bit of pressure from your joints when your relaxing ;) i am on amatriptaline at night for my low mood swings and co codamol 50/500 when needed also ibuprofen when my elbows flare up and i take evening primrose got to say tho i dont get much pain mine seems to be aching in different parts of my body mainly lower back/shoulders/top of arms and recently i started with leg muscle cramp when i walk not looking forward to the winter months as this is when im at my worst


Cozreece x


I too take Amytryptaline 50mg, have been on it for years so not sure how effective they are. I don't sleep well, but manage.I also take co codamol which can help with getting a little sleep

It's the waking up that gets me down, maybe sleep for an hour or so then find I can't get back off. I do get up maybe have a drink (milk or hot chocolate) and go back when I can no longer keep my eyes open.It's my shoulders that cause most of my sleep deprived nights, my hubby gets fed up of me tossing and turning. Not looking forward to winter as it's worse then.. take care x


i take cocodamon and naproxen.what helped me sleep in small dose 20 of citalopram its used for depression but in small doses it helps relax you, alsp memeory matress and pillow are a good investment xxx


i have had fribo for a year but i think i have had it a lot longer as they didnt no what was rong with me i take 2 fluoxetin 20m tramadol50mg 4 times a day and amitriptyline 3 10mg i still dont have a full night sleep


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