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Pip assessment ....is the job of the assessor to make you feel like you are making it up. They ask questions then try answer for you? Then when say owe so you can’t cook Andy you reply I put a pizza in oven hows that cooking?.. is it a trick question? Made to feel like I’m not ill but then say at end Chronic conditions like you have tend to be re assessed every 3 years so please don’t worry. So now I feel did I pass the darn examination or did I not? I can do things it’s just i can’t do them every day and some days I do nothing? Feeling stressed xxxx

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All you can do now is wait for the decision letter and see what you get. If you are satisfied with your PIP award that would be great, but if you are not, then the next stage is Mandatory Reconsideration (MR), and after that an Appeal. For MR and an Appeal, you would need to write a submission explaining why you think the points scores are incorrect, highlighting all errors, inaccuracies and omissions in the Disability Assessor's report. You will need to request a copy of the report from DWP. Don't just rely on the decision-letter about the report - you need to see the whole report to challenge it successfully. Sources of information to help you challenge a PIP decision are as follows - these are my favourites:






Janet, the Benefits Advisor at Fibromyalgia Action has access to a lot of helpful material, so she is well worth contacting too.

Also if the Assessor's Report is hopelessly inaccurate, do register a formal complaint about it with ATOS or Capita - details as follows


Complaints by email:


Complaints by Post

PIP Complaints

PO Box 325



ATOS (independent Assessment Services)

Email Complaints:


Complaints by Post

The Client Relations Manager

Independent Assessment Services

PO Box 1006


TS19 1UL

Fanrastic thanks you so much. I’m now we’ll equipped to go forward and fight. Appreciate everyone taking time to help others on here xxxx

Time to settle down for the long wait to find out the answer. Yay! They will likely keep you updated a bit. A text or letter in a few weeks to say they are going to make a decision... Sometime? I suggest you stop fretting coz if you don't you will be fretting for a long long while. There will be plenty of time after for fretting if you are not successful. But hey, you might just sail through, who knows? Good luck.

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Thank you and yes I think I’m as well to just put it out my mind. Once decision in I can go from there. Xx

Remember that you also have to tell them why you should get points. Challenging the assessment is satisfying, but you get the money if you can prove what functional problems you have due to your health conditions for each of the activities.

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