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Help for fibro mum of two toddlers


Hello everyone,

Im new here. I am a mum of two toddlers and I have Pernicious Anaemia, CFS, Fibro & ME.

Im in so much pain and not getting the support I need.

Im currently on 150mg of sertraline, 900mg Gabipentan, neproxen, diazepam, tramadol and co dydramol and co codimal. Nothing helps at all. Can anyone give me advise of what helps or works?

Many thanks xxx

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Hi there , firstly being a mum and with these conditions you must be exhausted , I think I’ve counted 7 meds you take and you say nothing is helping you. Not sure what your surgery is like but are you seeing the same doctor each time? Could you ask to see a new face at your surgery as you feel your not getting anywhere or perhaps not even being listened too. I went to my practice nurse who was so patient took everything on board and then put me with a doctor at same surgery who was very in tune with my conditions Fibro/Cfs , since then I’ve never looked back, never rushes an appointment I write down questions to ask and I find that helps as he will check everything out , order blood tests , further investigations. I was a point where if I had not seen him I was going to ring local surgeries and ask if certain doctors were available and had a better knowledge of these conditions . I spent a lot of years being shown the door with no help or meds, so if you find a good doctor that can look at all this medication and try different options would be a start. Also sending you a link that might help take care x


Hi and welcome. Hard work with 2 toddlers without having the added health problems on top.

Firstly... So the wee ones have a nap during the day? If yes, and at same time I would highly recommend that you do the same and get some rest. Yes.... I know being a woman and mum, the first thought is probably... They are sleeping, what can I get done in that time. When nik was small her nap time = my nap time.

Do you have help and support around you. Can others help you with tasks, or watch the wee ones for a bit to allow you to get things done.

Pacing is difficult enough... And more so when you have children.... But it is also more important that you do try and pace yourself, and prioritise what needs to be done. If it can wait... Leave it.

With pain, I find that heat helps... Some people find cold helps more. I also use mindfulness, meditation, relaxation etc, along with holistic therapies such as reiki, crystals and massage xx

I just wanted to send my heartfelt sympathy. It's soooo hard, trying to be a good enough Mum and dealing with debilitating health issues too.

I have a 14 year old, an 11 year old, and a 2 year old, and I struggle so much. My two poor older children are pretty much on their own as all my spoons go on just keeping my little one safe and fed each day. When the older ones were little, I was a stickler for them being active and engaged with activities, and no TV. Then I became ill...

Now my poor toddler spends far too much of his time just stuck in the lounge with me slumped on the sofa propped up with cushions, with YouTube playing kiddies educational songs 🙈🤦‍♀️ I have a bed in my lounge too and when I am lucky enough that he has a nap (which sadly now isn't every day any more), I lie down on the bed with him too.

I used to be so houseproud with my weekly routine, and even cleaned other people's houses as a self-employed House Angel as I actually enjoyed cleaning! Now it's a case of having to do bits here and there when I can spare the odd spoon, and certainly not to my previous high standards 🙈

I'm currently trialling cbd oil to try and help with my symptoms but it's not helping so far. Have you tried that?

I sometimes try to go to bed with my toddler in the evenings too (we cosleep, which eliminates lifting into cot, and settles him more easily so no walking around rocking etc), to try and get enough sleep, although I do find that in the evenings, I seem to feel more 'hyper' and then can't sleep, so it's not a huge use!

Not much help really, as finding each day hard too, so just sending gentle hugs and solidarity from one struggling Mama to another xx

Arrrrr I feel your pain and exhaustion. I have a 9 month old and have moved back in with my mum and sister as I need the extra help. I don’t have the support at home 20 miles away as my in laws aren’t as hands on as the said they would be all through my pregnancy. My partner has moved in to my mums with us but has injured his back so can’t pick the baby up or change, bathe and push him in his pram.

Is dad around to help? I know it’s not ideal but if you get in touch with the occupational health department at your local council they may be able to help with getting you a personal assistant to help with the children and help with the housework so you can rest. That really will take the pressure off you.

Hope you are okay? Xx

Hi, how long have you had your respective conditions for and how long have you been on the meds?


I feel your pain. I have a 5 year old and a 1 (almost 2) year old who is like a tank. Picking them up is so painful and it can take anything up to 30mins to wrestle the younger one into the car seat when she doesn’t want to get in there because I just don’t have the energy to fight her! I feel like I’m being bullied by a toddler!!

When I was first diagnosed I don’t think I saw the same doctor twice but I had to take any appointment I could get as it was nigh on impossible to see anyone. I now see the clinical pharmacist based at my surgery and she’s so much more helpful when it comes to the tablets I’m taking and the might be worth asking if your doctors surgery has a pharmacist based there and see if they can help with changing your meds a bit to see whether it helps more. My docs have also referred me for a physio assessment (think it was one of the nurses I saw who referred me). I haven’t seen them yet, appointment is next week, but it’s something else you might want to ask about.

Good luck, I hope you get some answers and the pain eases xx

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