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Natural Detox or what


This is really strange. I went to bed on Tuesday night not feeling right,up at 2.30 throwing up. Didn’t sleep all night. Wednesday didn’t really exist as I was so tired and didn’t want to eat or drink. Had a couple of rounds of toast all day. Tried to take my meds at the right times in spite of thinking they may make me sick, they didn’t. Went to bed Wednesday night And had a good nights sleep. When I woke I couldn’t believe that I had so little pain. Usually in a morning my legs and arms are so bad I struggle to get out of bed. I’ve felt so much better today. The usual underlying pains are there as they always are but I still feel better. Dare I hope that it will continue. It’s like as if emptying my system completely has somehow given me a detox.

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Who knows Sue you might have just invented a new treatment :). The best thing is that you felt better and those days are so few and far between, so enjoy while it lasts just incase your body was playing a temporary nice for a change trick on ya lol. Good Luck!!!

Maybe keep a food diary for a while and note symptoms xx

Do u have any food allergies maybe????? They can cause some weird n wonderful problems all of there own, a thought with detox helping and someone on here mentioning other day about lactose intolerance. Hope it lasts a long time xxxxxxx


Really glad you are feeling okay and hope it keeps that way , I did have a sickness/tummy bug that’s going around not too pleasant for a few days little grandson was the culprit from nursery , take care xxx

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