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Psoriasis nightmare


After seeing the dermatologist and on a regimen that seemed to work, initially having only 3 sore points...... I have had a massive attack of lesions in every part of my body, even in my ears !

Gets worse.... was at my doctors the other week to see about it as they were not happy about the amount of enstilar I was using, so was advised to see the specialist again however as I had moved only 4 miles from the surgery I was told I’d have to register else where because of the post code. This meant my referral would have to wait!

I’ve stopped using the enstlar for now and luckily the suns been out, not that it helps much but does seem to be drying some out...... would appreciate any advice thanx

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Hi there, I had a. bout of psoriasis a while ago related to my arthritis and was advised to have Epsom salts baths which I find helped a lot and also good for my fybro, worth a try, good luck

debster in reply to Mydexter

Will ask about that , much appreciated 😀

Mydexter in reply to debster

You can. buy Epsom salts anywhere I get mine in home bargains it's very cheap, I'm sure it won't harm you to put a few handfuls in the bath, it's very good for your sore muscles as well as your skin as it has magnesium in it, take care

May I add that the fibromyalgia has been there all the way..... I’m always tired, sore and if this was winter atm I’d struggle to get out of bed xx

Dotpot in reply to debster

Me to it’s horrible and so hard to accept

Hi debster, I am sorry you are suffering with psoriasis as I know how distressing it can be. I had an extreme attack of this many years ago after a bout of sceptic tonsillitis. Apparently it was triggered by the streptococcus infection. Nothing seemed to work and it eventually spread over my whole body, the only place not affected was my face. I ended looking like a piece of corn beef! I was eventually referred for a course of ultra-violet treatment where I stood in what resembled a futuristic tanning booth and was zapped for a few minutes. It only took about 5-6 sessions to eradicate every bit of psoriasis and it has never re-occurred (touch wood). I don't know if this has already been mentioned by your doctors (or you have tried it) but if not, may be worth bringing it up to see if it's a viable treatment for you? Good luck, I hope you find some relief from it soon. Take care. x

debster in reply to Ramjets

I will certainly mention this to the specialist once I get there, thank you for this info...... maybe there is hope out there for at least this issue!

I use Calcipotriol (Dovonex) ointment to keep my psoriasis under control, works well for me, recommended and endorsed by my GP as he uses it on his own psoriasis.

Good luck it's an awful affliction.

Hi debster, I have had psoriasis mixed with eczema on the top and under my right foot for the past 13 years. At the beginning I was under a dermatologist for over 2 years who gave me several different creams, lotions and emollients to use. My own GP also over the years prescribed other medicated creams but nothing worked and every thing I was told to use would sting like mad and made my foot feel as if it was on fire. My skin for 13 years would crack and bleed and would wake me up at night with the pain from it. So I know the nightmare you must be going through. I am waiting to go into hospital to have new knees as I have osteoarthritis but the specialist was concerned about the risk of infection from my foot and he prescribed a different ointment called Epaderm. Since I have been using Epaderm the affected area of skin on my foot has got smaller and smaller. The skin has stopped producing all the extra thickness of dead skin, it doesn't crack and bleed anymore, it is no longer painfull, the colour has changed from angry purple to a more skin colour and my foot is well on its way to being healed. I can not recommend this ointment enough and the best part is that it feels like silk going onto the skin, it doesn't sting or burns, it just feels lovely. I now get it from my GP on my perscription but you can buy it over the counter at chemists.

I really hope this helps you the same as it has helped me and you get rid of the nightmare that psoriasis can be. We have enough with our other health issues. Best wishes and good luck, Elaine

debster in reply to Ehfibro

Thank you for sharing, been a benefit of advice.

Your more than welcome, hope it works as good for you

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