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My Medications for Fibromylgia

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I started out with the usual like tramadol, Hydrocodone, etc. Finally I told the Doctor I wanted Oxycodone and he gave it to me. Almost instantly pain gone. My oxycodone had no aspirin in it due to possible liver damage. I started out with 14 5mg per day, now since the scare on opioids, I am down to 270 per month instead of 415. Anyhow oxycodone takes my pain away. I take 3 in the morning, 3 about 4 o'clock and 3 at bedtime. I have been on oxycodone for 7 years now and it is only thing that takes the pain away. I also am diabetic and have extreme pain in my legs, arms, back, etc from diabetic neuropathy and I use a gel called Voltaren Gel. It takes the pain away also.

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Hi, I will have to look into oxycodone as not heard of that one. I’m on amitripline which helps some pains but not all and helps me to get some sleep but I still don’t feel refreshed! I’m also on mirtazapine for my low mood as they call it! I recently got a gel too and that seems to help a bit. But the exhaustion is getting to me and now I seem to be starting to feel more pains in other areas of body. Just want a break from it

I’m on oxycodone myself, both OxyContin and OxyNorm, though at a much higher dose than yourself (120mg twice a day, and up to 40mg of rapid acting Oxy.)

Over the years I’ve tried most of the opioids, codeine, DHC, Tramadol, buprophrenine, Fentanyl, Morphine XR & Oromorph, and the one I hated the most Methadone.

I would just like to raise one question, Oxy has a long half-life and dosing is usually done at twelve hour intervals. Did a pain management consultant put you on the TD regime or was that your GP?

I’m so sorry you are having a hard time, I am terrified myself of my GP not being allowed to prescribe me the drugs I need just to be able to move from my bedroom to my lounge.

I’d also suggest that their are whole rafts of drugs still available to you, One suggestion being Gapabentin/Pregabylin which should help with the neuropathic pain.

Keep me up to date as to how you go, and I’m more than willing to suggest other regimes you can talk over with your GP.

Hoping you feel better soon.

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I do take Pregbalin (Lyrica) for my neurapathy and it helps too. I was prescribed oxy by a doctor that has since retired. This doctor believed in giving opoids for pain. Now I have one that keeps cutting them down. I told him I wish he would live for one day with my pain and he would know how it feels. He has me down to 45 mg per day now, down from 70 mg. per day and I feel the difference, but this one don't care. So I keep on day by day. On good days I cut my own self back so I will have more on bad days.

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