Gabapentin - about to take first dose... what do I expect please my friends?

Hi everyone, so my GP has suggested trialling this and as my main boss is on leave for three weeks, my GP said it might be a good time to start it now while my workload is reduced, in case it affects my functioning while I get used to it.

So Im wondering how have other people found it after taking it, the first few days? Was sleepiness or feeling not quite with it a common feeling? I work in law so I'm scared i won't be able to keep up with my workload - feel a bit caught between a rock and a hard place. Have to take 100mg 3 x daily for 3 days, then 200mg 3 x day for three days then 300mg x 3 times a day. I'm so hopeful it works so I can wean off the oxycodone which is the only thing that gives me any relief from the pain in my body and particularly my lower spine now. Thank you to anyone that takes the time to share their experience. Sending anyone who reads this warm thankful soft squishes xl

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  • Hi Leemaree...My GP prescribed Gabapentin for me about a year ago and I took it in the doses you mention but it did nothing...I didn't feel spaced out or have any pain relief so I came off it with my GP's okay. How strange it is that it really helps some and does nothing for others. I truly hope you find some benefit from it as I know many do and I wish you all the best....x

  • Thanks Trikki - you're right, it is really odd how some meds work great for some people and not at all for others! I have to try something as I really have to come of the oxy - the Government will flag my GP's clinic if he prescribes it too often to the same person. I guess like most of us I'm praying for a miracle and hoping at least for a small blessing xl

  • Hi there

    I take Gabapentin. It takes the edge off my pain, but doesn't take it away.

    I am also on other strong meds too.

    A lot of people feel very "out of it" when they first start taking Gabapentin.

    I am not a medical professional but that does seem to be putting the dose up very quickly. Especially if you are working.

    Weight gain is a very common side effect to this medication as well.

    Having said all that, I genuinely hope that it helps with your pain and you get some much needed relief.

    Wishing you a peaceful day.

    Lu xx

  • Oh no...weight gain is my biggest fear! I already have an underactive thyroid (which was originally Grave's disease but they nuked it so now it's the other way around) which I struggle with! Do all people gain weight? I'm praying like hell it helps enough that I'll actually be able to get back to walking/jogging/weight training like I could before the FM got really bad :-( I miss 'me'. I don't feel like me anymore - most of the time i feel like a walking billboard of pain and disease that's got a permanently plastered smile of fake coping :'( I feel like i'm letting down my employer, my family, and especially my little girl. I can't even go outside any play with her in summer because I react to the sun so badly. Sorry Lu this wasn't meant to turn into a self pity party - guess it's just one of those days when the cracks are under a bit too much pressure :-( Bed time perhaps, to try and sleep it off. Thanks for your time in replying xl

  • I'm so sorry my love. I didn't mean to upset you.

    No, not everyone puts weight on.

    I have lived with Fibro & ME for 36 years. I managed to work for 34 years and raise my family.

    I completely understand what you mean about missing yourself.

    I miss the old me and I desperately miss my job.

    You're not letting anyone down hun. You didn't ask for this illness.

    Just because you can't take your little girl out doesn't mean that you can't get up to all sorts of mischief at home together :)

    Are you able to pace yourself so that you are not doing too much at once?

    Of course it gets too much when you are constantly in pain and then you end up going into a flare.

    I hope you manage to get some rest my friend.

    Gentle hugs. Lu xx

  • Ohhh thx Lu. No you didn't upset me. I think sometimes it's just that when I talk with someone here I feel heard, and I know I don't have to pretend in here because people around me just can't deal with a disease they can't see, and make it reasonably clear they think it's in my head. Except for my mum. She has poly myalgia rheumatica and has a greater empathy than anyone here I'm close to. But I really appreciate your honesty and sincere caring xl I'll update you with how I get on if that's ok? 😊

  • It's really great that your mum understands how you feel 😊

    Yes please, would you let me know how you get on?

    I would genuinely love to know.

    If you are feeling a bit spaced out to start with I think you should have a chat with your GP about increasing after 3 days.

    You are very welcome to message me if you need someone to chat to hun.

    Be kind to yourself and take care xx

  • I've been referred to a pain clinic through our regional hospital but have to wait and see if they even accept the referral. And then depending on the grading they give me I may have to wait around minimum 6 month for an appointment.

  • I know a few others have tried this and got some relief, unfortunately for me Gabapentin and I don't out for feelings of being spaced as your body adjusts and be prepared to take it a little slower on increasing the dosage if your body needs more time.

    Good luck, hopefully it gives you relief that we all crave. 💜

  • I have been on Gabapeptin and had no side effects it helps me when I have severe muscle spasms and by Lord do they hurt but at the moment I have no medication because I am a new patient at my doctors surgery I have an appointment on Thursday for the next step whatever that might be. I hope you have some comfort knowing your not in this alone we are with you all the way I wish you all the best with your diagnosis

  • Hi, I've been on gabapentin since February this year. I was put on it after all the usual meds such as amitriptyline made me very sleepy all day or made me sick. I was started off on the lower dose and then reviewed by my doctor every few weeks. It doesn't seem to be doing much for me though and my doctor tripled it last week but I put myself down to double as I was getting raging headaches and falling over sideways! But my doctor said she has to keep increasing until I get to the maximum dose allowed before considering put me on anything else! But she has referred me to Neurology at last but earliest appointment is the end of July! I have noticed a weight gain as I don't eat much anyway and was always on the go and walking miles before. I do get sleepy if I sit for long periods so I try and keep my mind active by doing something. Saying this gabapentin works well for lots of people without any side effects and I have an intolerance to most meds. So it's all trial and error with most things. I hope you find it works for you. I'm on 600mg 3 times a day at the moment but should be on 900mg 3 times a day!

    All the best X x

  • Hey Leemaree, i take Gabapentin for fibro and now shingles... The dose is quite high at the moment, while i recover - i currently take 900 / 600/ 600. I need to up it a bit more to cope with neuralgia and then come back down when i feel better .. anyways blah blah...

    Like you , my consultant wanted to start me on the exact same dose as you have started with. - i am a pro Gardener and i do a lot of driving as part of my job so i had to start very slowly and NOT drive or play with the Chain saws.

    It does take time to get used and you will feel odd and a bit 'out there' at first but you will get used to the way it makes you feel and then the weirdness lessens and goes away. you may notice that you feel sleepy at first too or you may get head aches - drink lots of water and keep the dose space regular. you may feel spaced out and a bit unsteady on your feet, just be kind to your self and do not over stretch your self at work - if you feel that its too strong for you too fast, tell your doctor and he may recommend that you come back down the doses in reverse order for a while so you can adjust at a slower pace. You need to be in control of your own medication and well being where new medications are introduced because you are the person having to take the medication, not the doctor - if you get where i am coming from?

    If this drug is ok for You, you hopefully will notice very quickly a lessening of the fibro symptoms and you might even find that you sleep better at night, i know i did and that in turn will help you to feel much better during the day.

    I know it does not work for every one but if it does, it could be a game changer. Its really turned me around and thats or sure.

    I really hope it works for you and that you start to feel better really soon.

    Best wishes

    Zu : )

  • Hello I thought I would add my experience in. I have only recently been diagnosed and was also diagnosed as having Rheumatoid Arthritis a year ago. So my rheumy prescribed me 100mg gabapentin 3 x day for two weeks then 300mg 3x day. I've had no ill effects, no upset tummy, no spaced out and quite importantly no weight gain. I do slimming world and am still losing 2lb a week. The only problem was I went to a BBQ and without thinking accepted a glass of wine. Oh my goodness it felt like I had had 10 shots. So that was a cheap night 😂.

    The thing is each person is different and each person will react differently. You won't know until you try.

    It's taken my pain away which for me is what matters.

    Good luck

  • Oh I'm so glad for you that you've had such a great experience. I only took my second dose this morning and have halved my oxycodone dose. I've got some pain but need to know if the Gabapentin is working and figured I won't be able to tell if the oxy is still masking the pain. Nothing wrong with being a cheap date - think of the money you'll save 😊 I don't feel lightheaded or space or anything yet 👍🏼

  • Hi Leemaree44

    I do not take Gabapentin myself as I am on Pregabalin. However, I wanted to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your new medication, and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Um for safety sake read the leaflet inside the box and absorb the side effects?

    It's like Marmite some people love it others hate it?

  • It didn't come with a pamphlet believe it or not! Had to google it. But you know, some people react differently to others. Like, tramadol makes one of my friends sleepy, me it hypes me up!! And didn't even touch the pain.

  • Yes it's down to each individuals biochemistry response as you know, so you can but try?

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