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Hi everyone hope alls well . My doctor told me to try to get some help with pip.i went to assesment which took over an hour it was so nerve wracking .my son came with me explained all my difficulties with fibro im trying my best to keep working .after 3 weeks got letter point blank refused not one point .its so distressing some off the responses they sed didnt match what i replied at all. Has anybody done the mandatory letter is it worth me even trying cant go threw the stress anymore . Thank u .xx

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Sorry you had 0 points

Most MR don't change the original decision but going to Tribunal does

I would defiantly try for MR as this is required before Tribunal

Ask for the original report and go through it with a fine tooth comb

Then detail each section what thay said and what you can and cant do

It will be on your letter how long you have to make MR so to give yourself longer to gather evidence don't phone to request MR until a week before this date .

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Thank u so who do i contact for orignal report .They also kept a letter off my doctor which cost me 25pound .is it dwp i ask for report.i have 4weeks to do mr they sed i av to do that 1st.iv u go to a tribunal is it like a court soo confused with it all x

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DWP to request report

You should always photo copy everything you send as thay do not send documents back and always photo copy forms you send them .

Thay do state thay do not need evidence from your GP and if thay do thay will request it but In reality thay often do not do this as thay have to pay .

yes you request MR first and if not successful then go to Tribunal

Tribunal take place in a legal building not always a court

Normally Judge ,Medical Professional and Social Worker attend

CAB may be able to help as others say but often due to demand for their services thay are very busy .But you can google MR and PIP tribunals for help

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have you contacted your local CAB -they will help you with MR/appealing.

the HP who did my assessment told lie after lie and the responses were nothing like what I told him,I wondered why he was typing loads for my "one sentence " responses .the "best lie" was he claimed i was observed to "sort through documents that I laid on the floor"-strange as I was sat at a table and my attention focused -or trying to with fibrofog-on what he was asking,


Hi there so did u do a MR reply . Im soo confused as to why they sed im capable ov doing things that i sed i cant . Also is it taped do u know .i need to contact cab fir help just feel like giving up with it all but im scared for my future at work struggle daily now 😣 x


You must take this to Tribunal (after the Mandatory Reconsideration). Don't be put off by their lies - everyone experiences that (apparently I carried an umbrella in my left hand and a handbag in my right, when I actually had no bag at all and a walking stick in my right!)

There's an excellent site I recommend you sign up to, called Benefits & Work, which is run by solicitors who have put together very useful templates for appeal, for just about every condition you can think of. It costs £19 to join, and membership is valid for one year and, quite honestly, will be the best £19 you will ever spend.

Remember, PIP is not so much about your condition as how it affects your everyday life so, starting today, keep a diary of how you cope with housework, going out, bathing and dressing etc and record everything about your pain etc. It will help you focus on what this condition is doing to you. You can send a copy of this to the DWP to support your MR.

Don't give up. That's what they want you to do!


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