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Thought spirals about pain

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Hi guys, i'm a 19 year old who has suffered with pain since i was a baby but got diagnosed with fibro last year (finally!) Since moving to uni in September i have found my mental health declining and i regularly go into what i call thought spirals if i'm travelling alone because i'm so scared about not knowing what to do if i have a bad flare up away from campus and my family. i think about the worst case scenario which then gets worse and worse in my head until i'm to scared to even leave my flat. I was wondering if any of you have suffered with this so i don't feel so frustrated and alone.

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I get this about just leaving the house something but once I get out (which is not easy ) im ok. I don't drive so like to know I'm not far from home esp just now with Aberdeen city buses are on strike and I don't have money to be taxi it all the time. When thing get really bad I build it up. 15 mins out then 20,30 then hour. If you can afford it always keep emergnacy taxi money. If my ibs is flaring I carry clean clothes too. Hope this is some bit of help. X

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it is thank you. i dont have much money either being a student and all but ill try factor emergency money into my budget x

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Just an idea. Xx

Hey sweetheart.

I went away to university in September 2011. I moved miles away from all my family and friends to go to this university. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I also have anxiety and depression.

I really struggled the same as you are when I first got there. I wouldn’t sleep at night due to the anxiety attacks which would make me vomit. I would struggle to attend lectures because I’d be so exhausted from lack of sleep and CFS. I found it really difficult to cope.

Every time I struggled to go out of my room, I would use the time I was worrying to channel the energy into an assignment or into extra reading and research. Slowly I made friends on campus who would come to my room and keep me company. They helped me slowly start to build confidence as I confided in them.

Your university will have a counsellor. I recommend going and seeing them so you have some form of support network in place for the bad days. There are also lots of resources online to help you learn to cope. Meditation and mindfulness are really helpful ways to learn pain management without fatigue inducing medication.

When you find people you are comfortable with you’ll be able to confide in them about your illness and having people who understand near you will help you no end.

You have all of us on here as well and we will always do what we can to help you. I am happy for you to have my phone number if you need someone you can send a message to when you have a bad day. Sometimes all we need is to know someone is in our corner.

I’m about to go back to university in September to start my nursing and I know it’s going to be an uphill battle but we’ve got this.

If we can fight daily pain that is uncontrollable with meds, we can do anything. You have got this.

You are brave. You are strong and you are going to be amazing. Remember that x

Thank you so much! Its so uplifting to hear that people have gone through or are going through the same things. I really hope that with time it will be easier. I will try to get an appointment with my councillor too if you think that will help. thank you x

You’re more than welcome. I definitely think getting an appointment with your counsellor will help. They’ll be able to give you access to resources to help you to cope and give you someone to talk to who is impartial. Message me any time x

My daughter was just diagnosed with Dysautonomia. In researching this syndrome, Fibromyalgia and CFS is often mentioned. I thought my Fibromyalgia and CFS was from hypothyroidism and EBV but it may be a genetic mutation that connects these issues. Vargas Nerve disfunction may be part of the problem.

Electrolytes imbalance seem to be the medical community’s suggestion for my daughter’s postural dizziness and fatigue. She was advices to use electrolyte tablets, Propel, Himalayan Salt, Real Red Salt, etc. This imbalance correlated with low blood sugar so the two can easily be confused. Eating a cleaner, less preservatives diet has increased our energy. Migraines were controlling my life (and hers) and lead me to a neurologist who tested for gluten and numerous food allergies. I’ve been GF for two years and rarely a migraine and I’ve lived with those all my life. My high school daughter tested worse than I and gave up dairy in addition to gluten. My fibromyalgia has dramatically decreased due to new diet lifestyle. It still flares when I eat too much sugar.

I have a college daughter, also, and I work at a University so i know the struggle. I pray this helps and counselors provide guidance. Most universities are becoming more aware of the stresses college brings and are providing more services to assist. Kinesiology courses might could provide nutrition guidance.

Blessings in your studies and in your search for sustainably.


Probly best to ask Dr or college for counselling. Likely you are in overwhelm. These spirals are nasty n destructive n exhausting too. They will make coping harder as each spiral goes to the bad. Do your tutors know you have fibro n understand your needs? It may help to be open about your condition. Don't let this Rob you of having a good time at college n achieving.

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