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Hello Everyone

At last!! After being in agony for about 6 years, and being told that there was nothing wrong, its in your head by several medical personnel, I have today been diagnosed with fibromyalgia..I don't know much about it, except it really hurts and you need a heck of a lot of pain killers to get through a day with slight sanity remaining..One tip I can share with you that I have found helps me greatly with my neck pain, I use Forehead!! It's a great relief when used on both neck and temples,.. anyone has any other tips, I would be extremely grateful.

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Hi Dannygirl19, firstly I’d like to welcome you to our lovely friendly site. Feel free to talk anytime you want to as there’ll always be someone to listen to you.

Part of the battle with fibro is getting doctors to believe it enough to diagnose you! Not everyone with fibro has the same symptoms either so I guess that’s another reason it’s difficult to diagnose. I’m so pleased you finally have a name for why you’re suffering so much though.

That’s a great tip with Forehead. I’d never have thought of using that lol. Tips/advice....I would say not to overdo things, learn to say no, try having an Epsom salts bath... I’m sure others on here can offer you plenty more advice/tips.

In the meantime please take care of yourself, wrap up warm and love and hugs to you xx🤗🤗

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Hi, I don't have any tips but your post reminds me of what I had to go through being told it's all in my head and being referred to a psychiatrist it took around 7 yrs before being diagnosed with fibro. Anyway, good luck with getting some tips don't let anyone try to sell snake oil take care.

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Learning to pace my self was the hardest thing to learn but helps with the exhaustion.

I bought a tens machine a couple of weeks ago and it's helping with neck and shoulder pain.

I've never thought of using Forehead. It's on my shopping list!


A Good comfortable bed with real cotton sheets helps!

Best thing ive found is sleep feel rough have a nap


Hi Dannygirl, welcome to our friendly forum. You have already been given some really good tips. One I would add is that getting really involved in something, book, film, music, hobby, allows your brain to take its concentration away from the pain.

Would you tell me please what is 'Forehead'? I have googled it, looked on ebay and found mainly baby thermometers and wrinkle creams :D

Hope to see you on here again soon. Love and hugs xx


Me too, what is Forehead ?


Good morning Dannygirl19 I

see you have met some of our wonderful group. I would just like to wish you a very warm welcome. And ask what forehead is lol

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