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Hi all New Member

Hello everyone

This is my first ever post on any site and we'll it's not just me who is suffering.

Crumbling spine

Severe spinal stenosis neck and lower spine


Fbss (failed back surgery syndrome)

Nerve damage to bowel and bladder



Chronic pain syndrome ??

Does anybody else have multiple illnesses or am I just the lucky one ( ha ha)

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Morning Tezza welcome xx


Welcome too the forum.quite a few members suffer with more than one you're not alone


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Good morning Tezzaa , and welcome to our lovely support group. I am sorry to read the amount of health issues you have. Many of our members also have a lot more than Fibro to deal with sadly like fibro is not enough on its own.

I noticed that your post is unlocked you can lock it to make it private to this community only so only the members here may read what you post. This link will show you how to do that

If you need any further help please just ask we are always happy to help if we can :)

You may be interested in taking a look at our FMAUK site it is full of very helpful information you may find useful .

We are happy to meet you please don't be a stranger any questions or queries just fire away. I hope you have a nice day xx



Hi tezaa, welcome to our lovely and friendly site.

I think there’s quite a few of us with multiple conditions on here. I have a benign spinal cystic tumour and fibro amongst others things.

Take care and gentle hugs xx

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Welcome to our wonderful family hun ♥️

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Hi Tezaa as others have said many of us I am sure have multiple health issues(problems) I myself, included I have R A, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis in Spine and Hip severe Hypertension, high Cholesterol,Deppresion, Asthma and my new Rheumatologist as diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia like I said there are many of us with Multiple conditions so you are not alone there will most probably many others on this lovely Friendly site who would be able to offer helpful advice on many different health issues or even just a friendly listening Ear which I personally think can be just as important, I Myself haven't been on this site for very long but, I have found it to be a very friendly informative site to be a part of, best wishes.


Welcome to the FMAUK Community Tezzaa ! :)

I am sure you'll find this community a great place for online support and enjoy chatting to others who understand :)

I will bump into you around the community no doubt

All the best

Emma :)


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