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Is NHS causing Addiction by its Negligence of the Muscuskeletal diagnosis ?

I believe NHS ought to get its act to gather re: way it treats the muscuskeletal via independent physios & practitioners who are not the best medically qualified to Research & diagnose as have succumbed to remits & criteria ??!! Triaging is foolhardy surely? All this and with GPs who have allowed the funds to go to LAs maladministrating Social Services by questionable unfair assessments as in case of Alzheimers / MID . likewise the Mc Millan Nurses & the Charities such as those managing lipo lymphoedema , MS , Spina bifida , Arthritis discriminating against those who they consider can be discriminated against in fact those who could help them via Research yet Insurance companies regard as risky .

Otherwise why are a good proportion of those left in limbo made addicted to painkillers with no research & Patient orientated treatment .This is not acceptable .

Could CFS /fibro be a symptom, like utis , as why ,when investigating my case the family history genetics says it all . While admin[ Registrars in Hospitals] on remits to block are used as gateway with criteria this will always be ignored .I had troponin found & an A&E refused to do again having summoned back next day with GP not following up.

Ok there is self referral but just for their FINANCIAL benefit as can be seen in Minor Injuries run by Nurses refusing to assist the Chronic even when acute .

My problems relate to inflammation & plumbing sepsis relieved with antibiotics from a Prof of Urodynamics on a remit not able to refer or transfer or direct ? .CFS / fibro was confirmed when heart failure symptoms were ignored before cardiac arrest & the CFS trigger points are where there is weak heart pumping as spasmodic.this i have proved emanates from disability that it can't even educate its Drs about they told me THIS when it was found before the Cuts in 1980s & since always cutting in same places the easy targets the chronic the Vulnerable !

When NHS refuses to test & Refer to specialists how is it going to get to the nitty gritty when directed by non medical with other agendas .....

I think eventually stem cells will be the way forward as now the chronic are ignored to become acute too late when some help could have been accessed earlier.I wonder what statistics are ? I dread to think?

NB Below why didn't the realise the CFS/fibro patients could be the way forward?

Welcome to the PREVeNT RA study registration website

You will have been directed to this site if you are a FIRST DEGREE RELATIVE (mother, father, brother, half brother, sister, half sister, son or daughter) of someone who has, or has had, rheumatoid arthritis.

In order to take part in this study, please note that you must:

Not have rheumatoid arthritis or any inflammatory arthritis yourself

Be aged over 30

Be resident in the UK

Be willing to consent to complete questionnaires

Be willing to give a blood sample

Be willing to inform the study centre if you develop symptoms which may be related to rheumatoid arthritis

My relative father pharmacist has been deceased a number of yrs attended St Georges Cardiac Tooting London W needed a new valve - suffered severely with putting joints out [ very sporty] Chelsea Football Teams Masseur .This was A BLOOD sample from me suspect my problems Microvascular - relating to breathing/heart pas Dr Coghlan Royal Free & Lipo-Lymphoedema St Georges diagnosed NOT Treated [ Prof Mortimer] .My late mother developed severe MID at same time as polymyalgia rheumatic affecting movement including speech & swallowing .At same time both attended Geriatric Dept Of Kingston Upon Thames Hospital Surrey NB There is a strong neurological component due to my spina bifida abnormal EEG relating to chronic utis acute 3 weekly & strength of testing microscopes as denying stable/unstable angina when had angioplsty to revive when MI 11 YEARS AGO classic heart failure symptons dysponea/PAH only revealing last year on Reveal device .i have spinal spasicity spasms not acknowleged fairly re directing to RNOH problem gettingsteroid injections renewed would like to try PRP or stem cells as prevention .MS Therapy could help? Why is the Alternative sector so much more effective?

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Sorry, I have found this really difficult to follow. I can see you have clipped text from the "PRe-clinical EValuation of Novel Targets in RA" website but fibro and RA are not equivalent or related so would be treated differently.


Sorry you have lost me completely.

Trying to find out your connection between addiction...to what...and NHS


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Totally lost me here? 😳

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What pain killers do you take?

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Hi skybluepink

Are you wanting to ask this question to a member who has replied to your original post if so you click the reply within their comment to you.

To find out what medications members are taking you can either write a post or look at people's profile pages as some members complete the information which includes medication.

Hope this helps

Emma :)

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The answer was educational for those with brain fog and that is it is often the medication given to mask pain that come are under many addictive medications given for spinal joint problems that NHS notoriously doesn't care for appropriately as rarely researches with patient orientated angle ? Otherwise could still be on tramadol & lyrica which are addictive??!!!!! From, daughter of a pharmacist ???!!!


Thank You for your reply - I was providing advice on how to use the forum effectively and how to reply to specific members or how to post.

In relation to your reply, both Tramadol and Pregabalin are recommended by EULAR (see link below) for Fibro and are effective pain relief for many including myself.


As discussed many times on this community, there is a difference between addiction and dependency. There are many prescribed medications that have the potential to be abused by people and in my personal opinion as long as you take as instructed it can be helpful for pain relief.

As Fibro has little research findings to help those on the condition, all the DR's can do is treat the symptoms as you cannot leave people in pain. This whole debate then comes down to the UK Government doing more research if they want more people to reduce or wean off these medications and avoid an Opioid Crisis. Plus they need to provide more funding for support for addicts to help them. Otherwise if they do reduce or stop their prescribed medication for those who are addicted they will only turn to illegal street drugs like in the USA to continue their habit and reduce the symptoms of withdrawal.

All the best

Emma :)


You appear to be ranting hun- nothing wrong with a good rant now and then but your write up steers from one thing to another and is confusing many of us.. Have you got Fibro Hun are you a sufferer?


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